Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Monday


You know I love to cook, but lately I have been thinking about simple meals. I want dinner time to be more about my family and less about the food. I still want to eat something delicious, wholesome and even interesting when I sit down for supper, but not at the expense of relationships or my nerves. I want the evening hours in my home to feel good for all the souls that live under this roof.

This is a challenge for me. Have you ever noticed that children are more needy in the evening. For that matter, I am too! We are tired, and sometimes 'beat up' at the end of the day. I don't want to feel frazzled and in a mess every evening trying to get dinner on the table. What I really want to do is slow down, give myself a break and enjoy my boys.
I have been trying to plan ahead to make the actual dinner hour simpler. I am trying to make the dish (or at least do as much prep as possible) in the morning. This has always been my goal, but that class I taught about family dinners inspired me to do better. So, here is my menu for the week, but my focus is to create a happy environment at dinner time. I sure hope I can be successful:)
PS most of the recipes are from the Complete Weight Watcher Cookbook:)
I joined a weight loss challenge during the holidays...I know I am crazy:)
If the dishes are really great I will post them on Sisters Cafe!
Monday: Dad brought home pizza from Rosellis, greens (we like greens sprinkled on our pies), carrots and buttermilk dressing dip.
Tuesday: Thai Coconut Shrimp, jasmine rice, roasted cauliflower, apple slices
Wednesday: Slow cooker Vegetable Barley Soup, artisan no knead bread
Thursday: Peasant Pasta, mandarin oranges, Steamed Broccoli
Friday: Date night for Mom and Dad:) nachos for the boys with carrots and apples
Saturday: Church function that includes dinner
Sunday: Autumn Harvest Pork Roast with potatoes, sauted zuchini, Honey Whole Wheat rolls

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Rachel Holloway said...

sounds like a yummy week! :) I am excited to be paired up with you--and to be honest, I think making healthier goals during the holidays is going to ROCK because it will give us so many chances to prove we can live healthy for life, not just for a few months! :)

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