Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry and Bright

Can you believe there are only...
We are so excited! I have decided to not be stressed, even though I have good reason. I still have a long to do list! Next year I will be more on the ball and get everything done early (I think I say that every year)!
I really want to have a Christ centered home always, but especially this time of year. I know that as the Mother, I set the tone in my home. I have had my frazzled moments, but I started out this last week recommitted to do better. I don't want to get so caught up in all the craziness that we call Christmas, that I lose track of what I am celebrating with my family this month.
I have a pretty good source that tells me Santa has a very special gift for my boys this year, that just might come early! This is a seriously big surprise... I am bursting with excitement!! It is a little hard to stay focused on that 'To Do" list!
I am reminding my boys when they have their moments that it is not too late to make the nice list:) It will be worth it!

The boys have been busy insuring that we have a 'white Christmas' here in Tennessee. I have paper snow flakes hanging everywhere! I love it! Although there are rumors that we just may have the real stuff for December 25th. Thatwould just be a dream come true for my little snow missing crew!
I hope your days leading up to Christmas are merry and bright!

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