Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Special Surprise...

Right before bed last night the boys were watching the old holiday classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on TV when all of a sudden Santa walked in to deliver a sweet little gift...

**Please just turn the sound down on all the videos--I recorded this on my iphone and the sound (of me is really loud) is awful and I sound like a serious fruit cake! (Also, poor Connor was really sick with an awful flu bug in this first one)


Santa brought our family the cutest little 10 week old Maltese puppy! He said she just couldn't wait to be with her new family, so he decided to bring here early! The boys were thrilled beyond words--in fact they were all in shock. We have said No to pets for years:) I don't know how Santa talked us into this one.

She is a little ball of white fluffy love and the boys are all smitten. She is darling! I think they have decided to name her 'Sophie' We love our little" girl" already--I know finally a little girl around here:) These videos were shot this evening before dinner. Connor is feeling lots better--yeah! Bridger and Cannon are a little nervous when she is super playful. IT is pretty funny!


She is very playful and wears herself out, luckily there is always someone ready to snuggle when she needs a nap:)

Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!


I need advice on puppy training! We are trying to do the crate training. Any advice? I would LOVE to hear it! Please share!


All Things Yummy said...

That is so precious. What a cutie!

wilkinson_fam said...

You'll have to update how it goes with the puppy. As soon as we're through having babies (I think the next - #5 - will be our last), I think we'll consider a pup. And the maltese breed is already on our list.

Janell said...

Yeah! It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas and how cool to have the missionaries over. Your little Sophie is adorable and what a fun Christmas surprise! I think crate training is the best and I know it works well! Good Luck!

cindy said...

There is a great book out there called, I just got a puppy, what do i do. We have referenced this with several dogs that we've had. Love it! Enjoy.

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

So exciting! I love these pictures!

Amy said...

That little Sophie is adorable. I just want to snuggle with her! And specially delievered by Santa himself-how cool is that! We missed your family and boys at Christmas, but it sounds like you had a great couple of days! And I think you guys had more snowfall than we did?!

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