Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Monday

Monday: Quinoa Vegetable Soup (I am going to make the above soup with a few more veggies and no chicken. Quinoa is very high in protien), corn bread, fresh pineapple
Family Home Evening Treat: Fresh Fruit kabobs with creamy dip

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes (I asked for requests and TJ my 11 year old wants this:), french bread rolls, sauted fresh broccoli with garlic and olive oil, tangerines

Wednesday: Crockpot
Sweet and Spicy Chicken, tortilla chips, cheese, green salad, refried beans, apple slices

Thursday: Tilapia,
roasted winter vegetables, no knead artisan bread, green salad with grapefruit.

Stromboli (Coleman's request), 5 minute marinara, veggies and buttermilk dressing for dipping.

Saturday: Date night for Connor and Me (Brad will be out of town so we are doing our Mom and son date night!!) Leftovers for everyone else

Crustless Quiche, multigrain banana bread, mandarins


Jessica said...

Fresh fruit kabobs with creamy upgrade into healthier options for the Family Home Evening treat? Sounds delicious.

Tuesday's dinner sounds like it meets everyone's needs. I'd love to be able to throw broccoli together with garlic and olive oil, and actually know what I was doing.

Love your blogs!

Amy K said...

so glad I happen upon your blogs! I have forever struggled with planning. But this monday morning, I am charged up, and using your examples and tutorials as help. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

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