Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beauty in the World

(this image was emailed to me this week--I don't know where it came from but it made me smile)
This morning my little boys and I danced in the kitchen to Macy Gray's" Beauty in the World".
Have you heard this song? Listen here. It is the perfect song to perk up sleepy boys and to clean to. It has a great message , a fun beat that makes you want to move ...and it is always good for some laughs especially when she says "Shake your booty boys and girls for the beauty in the world". My older boys roll their eyes, but I know they secretly love it. I see them singing along when they think no one is looking!
The boys are gone to school now and the house is quiet (for a few short hours before my preschoolers return), but that song and the laughter is still fresh, reminding me of all the beauty in my world this week. At the time I am not sure that I appreciated all these moments, but looking back the beauty is so clear!

A few of the Beautiful Moments this week so far:

*Wrestling tournament where we all supported and cheered on Connor and TJ. Watching my boys work and struggle out on that mat doing their best. That sport is TOUGH! Even though Connor didn't do as well as he wanted to (I think he wrestled the only boy there with a mustache--seriously!!) but there was no feeling sorry for himself, instead he coached and cheered on TJ who medaled at his very first wrestling event. So proud of both my boys!

*Watching my outgoing happy Coleman charm his way into helping the officials at the wrestling tournament. He noticed that some of the High School Wrestlers that we know from church were helping at the table with the scoreboard, and time clock. He spent a couple hours next to the table and before I knew it, he was out on the mat doing the important job of hitting the ref on the back to let them know the time was up. HILARIOUS! He even went up and enjoyed the catered food with the varisty table workers and refs after! He thought he was one of the guys! What a cutie!

*Cannon had minor out patient surgery at the hospital this week. He had to go fasting and we ended up waiting hours. Luckily there was a TV and rocking chair in our little room. He was so sweet and content to sit on my lap rocking and watching cartoons. What a treat to hold my busy little 3 year old, just the two of us, uninterrupted for so long. I never get to do that anymore, and even though I complained about the looong wait, I actually loved every minute with my boy.

*Cuddling in bed (early--too early) one morning with Bridger. He wanted to hear stories about when he was "little". It was so fun to tell him some of my favorite memories with him. My heart wanted to burst with love for that little guy.

*Staying up late to watch #9 ranked BYU beat #4 San Deigo State ("the biggest showdown in Mountain West Conference history") last night with my very excited husband. And hearing him tell his equally excited boys all about it early this morning before they all went there ways for the day.
And there are so many more random moments of beauty with these boys of
someone is always proudly showing me their headstands around here
and..story time with a Daddy that after a long (usally 12+ hour) exhausting day at the office is never too tired to read to his boys!
Miss Macy Gray is right, there is BEAUTY all around and I am so grateful!


Brittany said...

Melanie what a beautiful post - and a joy to read. Eric is here with me (trying to work) but I keep interrupting him to read something aloud or tell him all about the boys - I could barely tell the stories because I was choked up! I miss you guys so much and I LOVE you all so much!! Tell the big boys GOOD JOB from us - tell Coleman way to go too (Eric thinks he will be a great salesman someday with his gregarious personality!) - and give both those "little" boys a hug from us! I'm glad cannon's surgery done and over with. The one on one time sounded pretty nice though - I think I would love that too!

stephanie said...

Uplifting post. What a fun song---I liked the shake your booty part, too.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and feel inspired! Thanks for your wonderful posts on menu planning, and yummy recipes. :)

Matt said...

Cool post Melanie. Those are some nice headstands!!

Mindy said...

Wow! You are right. There is so much beauty just in your little world. I loved reading about Coleman helping out at the wrestling matches. That little boy is going places, isn't it!? That story about Bridger was sweet, too. I remember babysitting Connor when he was little... maybe 3 or 4? And he was sad when it was time for bed. We found his blankie, and he snuggled with it while I told him about how my memories of him as a newborn. It was SO special. I really miss those moments with your boys. In fact, I am getting all teared up just thinking of how much I love them all. Give all five a big hug and kiss for me! (And I don't want to hear any guff about it from Connor or TJ! :)

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