Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowdays and Earaches

I am so sorry that I have not posted the promised 'Family Dinner' post yet.
We are going on our 3rd snow day with cancelled school and 5 boys home with "cabin fever":)
And to top it off I have had a horrible earache--ouch!
Hopefully I will find the time to finish it up today...until then
Happy Wednesday everybody:)


Melissa said...

Wanna know a great home remedy for earaches? Garlic oil. Buy the capsules at the drugstore (or I have some at my house...if I had a vehicle I would totally bring them to you!!), then you pierce one and let the oil drop into your ear. You'll smell like garlic for a day or two, but your earache will disappear.

kaleyq said...

Those southerns aren't quite sure what to do with this white stuff huh? Sorry about your earache... I spent most of my childhood smelling like garlic because my mom did the garlic oil remedy as well. It did seem to work. Happy Wednesday to you too!

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