Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Monday and a Tennessee SNOW Storm!!

We woke up to some serious snow again!! Over 8 inches!!

We had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming of our days in Utah.We are definetly in the South though, because school is cancelled today and tomorrow and possibly longer due to the "inclement weather"! There are no snowplows so we really are snowed in, but the boys are lovin life! They are all decked out in the rarely used snow clothes, and building snow forts and shoveling the walks. In fact we are one of the only people on the block with a snow shovel, so the boys were already hired to do some shoveling. They said they would do it for free, but our sweet neighbor insisted on paying them. Exciting!!
This is a crazy year for the South! Lucky us!

I guess that means it is time for some snowball soup!!

Most of these recipes can be found on Sisters Cafe here

Monday: Snowball Soup or Cream Cheese Chicken Chowder (we will take a vote), tangerines, whole wheat bread. FHE treat: Mom's peanut blossom cookies

Tuesday: Tacos, refried beans, broccoli, mandarin oranges

Wednesday: Chicken pesto sandwich, carrot sticks, sliced apples

Thursday: Tilapia, roasted winter vegetalbles, Pumpkin muffins, spinach salad with poppyseed dressing (From last weeks menu--never happened:)

Friday: Spaghetti and frozen meatballs, green salad, buttermilk dressing, grapes

Saturday: Leftovers--yah! Date night Mom and Dad

Sunday: Ranch Pork roast, wonderful mashed potatoes, buttermilk rolls, spinach salad, and Coconut Cream Pie

Up Next:
Tips and ideas for stress-FREE and delicious family dinners


rebecca said...

What fun!! I completely get how excited your boys would be to wake up to that snow! All of our family is in UT and we are in AZ! You don't know me, but I am a friend of Erin's. We were in Kirksville for two years together and she is one of the greatest people I've ever known:) I found your blog last week from Sister's Cafe when you posted your Menu Monday and started looking at your posts cuz we had a lot of similarities. I only have 3 boys, but was excited to see your ideas you have in motivating your boys and am excited to use some of your ideas ,along with your Menu Monday meals:) As I looked back at earlier posts, I saw Stephanie Lewis's picture with you. My sister is married to her youngest brother:) So, such a small world:) Thank you again for sharing your ideas! I will be a frequent blog stalker:)

stephanie said...

It is looking a lot like Utah there! We had some light snow this morning. It was really pretty coming down. Glad you have that snow shovel and the snow gear still. Your Christmas looked wonderful. Alyssa made one of the placemat pillows for an Activity Days gift exchange. It turned out really cute. Thanks for the idea.

Andrea said...

I just found your blog this week, but have been a long-time follower of Sisters Cafe. You and your sisters are great!

I am also the mother 5 boys and I'm always happy to find another mom in my situation (there aren't that many of us!) Boys are awesome!

I'm really excited to read your dinnertime ideas, since we are kind of having issues with manners (imagine that, huh?), mostly with noise (my 15 & 12 year olds having a conversation at one end of the table, my 8 and 6 year olds doing the same in the middle, and my 3 year-old singing or making himself heard in some other way--aaaagh! It's chaotic and exhausting!) Any suggestions? I'm really curious to read your next post.

You can email me at And my blog is

Brittany said...

How fun!!! I love the snow pictures - that would be so exciting! We are in the same situation as you...the snow is such a happy change from our warm, wet winter. The menu looks fabulous. I know I need to do one too - I have been feeling so overwhelmed since getting home though. (but I know that the menu will actually help!!) I have been working all day putting away Christmas decorations!!

Mindy said...

That looks so fun! I just want to throw on my snow clothes and get out there with your boys to play. I have SO many good memories of building forts, snowmen, and sledding with your boys. It makes me kind of sad that I don't get to do it with them anymore! I hope Connor, TJ, and Coley at least remember some of those fun times we had together. Miss you guys!

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