Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Midweek thoughts and such

Unfortunately I was wrong, Brad had one more trip before all the traveling settles down for awhile. So yes, I am a single Momma again this week--ugh! Although I have to admit things are going well. The big boys including Coleman here have really stepped it up and become a BIG HUGE help with the little boys. Coley can turn on that charm when he wants to and those little boys will follow him to the the ends of the earth. He got them into their PJs (um yes we still where Halloween jammies in February) and reading books on the couch while I did dishes the other night.
It put a smile on my face to watch.

This picture makes me laugh so hard I can barely type.
I think Coleman is trying to look really tough wearing his big brothers wrestling head gear--but the way the strap hits his chin is giving him the most silly expression. Cracks me up! He might be a little mad if he know I posted this..but seriously this boy melts my heart--I have to share his cuteness! Can you tell that he can not wait to be just like his big brothers and wrestle someday?
We have had A LOT of wrestling matches lately for Connor and TJ. I will post some pictures of the real wrestlers soon. The problem is that I am very short handed at the matches without my hubby there. No matter how many snacks I bring the little boys are always hungry and begging for candy from the blasted snack bar, and I am trying to keep them off the wrestling mats or from falling down the bleachers. Phew--that is hard enough without balancing a camera too, you know?!
Connor my 8th grader is in between weight classes this year and has struggled with that. He is either trying to cut weight (which is very weakening for a growing boy and I have decided to not allow) or he is almost 10 pounds under his opponent in the next class up. AUGH--but he is working hard and I know it will pay off next year when he does some growing and working out all summer. He has been a great help to TJ who is having a great year. TJ my 6th grader challenged for the Varsity spot in his weight class and won it! Last night was his first match wrestling on Varsity and he pinned his opponent! It was awesome--he was tough and determined! Connor who did not wrestle, taped it on my Iphone and the best part for me was when we played it back you can hear Connor in the background cheering him on, genuinely excited for his brothers success. Man I love these boys!

We will be making another on of these for tomorrow night! Yay I can not wait to have that man of mine home! He has had business trips every single week of the year so far! That is a lot! The good thing is that he has earned lots of flight miles and Marriot points. He has offered to take me away on a "mini moon", just the two of us...anywhere I want. San Francisco, Chicago, New York, ....hmmm
Where would you go for a little weekend getaway??
Please leave me a suggestion!


FALLON said...

That sounds sooo nice! I hope you enjoy your time away with your hubby! Now, how can I get my hubby to take me on a mini-moon? Considering he's been flying just as much as Brad has, he has lots of miles too! Tell Brad to suggest it to John... maybe he'll listen : ) I need a break also. Being a single mom is rough!

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

I loved that Coleman is such a sweet helper. And I loved his darling expression with the wrestling head gear on, too. :) The little welcome back sign is cute. I would love love love for you to post your iphone video of TJ wrestling and Connor cheering him on. Download it to your computer and then it's easy to put it on your blog. I'd love it! Those boys of yours are so cute! What will you do with your children if you go on a mini-moon? I am just very curious about that! Because going on a little trip just the two of you is an AWESOME idea! I say you should drop them off at my house and then go up to Mackinac Island for a getaway. :) I love you!!

dara said...

That's a very good question. This is our 10th year anniversary and my husband has lots of points too. There are so many choices...I am with you on the where to go dilemma.

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good time out there! I would LOVE to come visit you! I glad you brought it up now, it will give me some time to work the idea into Cole:)

Brittany said...

that was so fun to read!! Coleman has the sweetest, most hilarious but genuine personality! That kid has so much charm - wow! I love how helpful he is with the little boys. What a wonderful brother. Of course I loved the wrestling headgear pic - haha! :) That was so fun to hear about the big boys wrestling too. I am so proud of each of them. They are working so hard and doing so well. I need to tell them I love them more often! I just love how supportive and loyal they are to each other. I am so impressed and inspired!!

PixieGirl said...

Your boys are adorable! Sorry you have to be a single mom so often...I'm sure Heavenly Father allows it because you are so amazing and handle it with such grace! Hope you get your mini-moon soon!

Mindy said...

Coleman is such a sweetheart. That kid is all personality, and hearing about him makes me miss him LIKE CRAZY!!! That is so sweet that he got the little boys into their jammies and was reading to them. And the wrestling head gear pic seriously cracked me up.

I am so proud of my wrestling nephews Connor and TJ. Go Christensen boys!!!

Rachel Holloway said...

You are my hero! I kid you not! It is SO HARD to be hubby-less. And you seem to do it so flawlessly with such frequency! holy moly woman! :)

Hope he gets to come back and stay for a while...soon! In the meantime I say you should aim for a rockin' trip to NY! (though, it's somewhere I have never been but been DYING to go see!)

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