Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspiration on a Friday

I really couldn't be happier that it is Friday! My little crew is T I R E D and ready for weekend fun and extra sleep! Plus, the Daddy is coming home today from a long 8 day business trip-yeah!

Weekend Plans:
*Family Pizza and Movie night (watching this wrestling movie on Clearplay)
*Coleman's basketball game at the YMCA (love that place)
*Making Valentine Cookies with a cool new technique I learned (tutorial coming to Sisters Cafe)
*Saturday Night Date for my and my love (CAN NOT WAIT:)
*Sunday Morning church (first Sunday of new schedule with Sacrament meeting first-yeah!)
*Watching the Superbowl (with lots of yummy food) --Go Packers!!
*Painting my nails a pretty shade of Valentine pink
*Vacuuming out my kidmobile--oh my does it ever need it!
*Figuring out how to plug my laptop into our TV to share this inspirational clip with my boys on the big screen:

My boys love this guy! Brad used to take them to watch Tyler play at Lone Peak High School (our HS) when we lived in Highland! Our boys would get so excited to wear their Lone Peak clothes and stay up late on a school night to cheer him on!

I am so thankful for young men like this --what a great role model for our boys!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


Brittany said...

what a fun weekend you have planned! While i was watching that clip Gabe came and climbed on my lap and we watched it together. It totally made me cry! it was fun to explain to Gabe about how he was going on a mission and why and how Gabe would get to go one day. how come I've even heard of that kid?! I am so out of it! :) what a wonderful role model...

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

I love your list of to-dos for the weekend! I also really enjoyed that video. I will have to gather the kids around it with me tomorrow. I want to somehow tell that wonderful young man and his parents that I am thankful for his faith and example! That is really neat that your boys got to watch him play and be his 'fans' and then see him make righteous choices and put the Lord first. Very cool.

Mindy said...

I love that picture of Cannon. Jack is sittting on my lap and thought it was hilarious, too. :)

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