Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome February with a DIY Valentine Banner

I get so excited for this time of year! I think Valentines is one of my favorite holidays! I know that may sound silly but I adore all the love letters, sweetness and of course the chocolate involved! We have lots of family Valentine traditions and I have some new ideas to add to this year's celebrations--can't wait! Last year I had several emails asking where I purchased the' Love' sign gracing my mantel. I am happy to say--that I made it and it was pretty easy to do. It is the first thing I whip out after I box up all the Christmas stuff. I know I jump the gun a little with the Valentines decor, but I don't care--I love it! Anyway, I made the banner a few years ago while my babies napped. If you are in the crafting mood, give it a try--just be sure to use a sharp exacto knife (that was my only frustration)! Makes a huge difference! Enjoy!

You will need:
Stryofoam board from a craft store
Exacto knife
A can of spray adhesive
Decorative scrapbook paper

1-First print of the letters L O V E as big as you want from your computer (make sure to bold them--one per page). I used a simple font with straight lines, because I am not too skilled with an exacto knife:)
2- Carefully cut out your printed letters and two matching heart shapes (I just freehanded those hearts)
3-Trace the letters onto the decorative scrapbook paper that you want to use and cut them out.
4- Trace the letters onto the styrofoam board and using a SHARP exacto knife carefully cut them out.
5-Use the can of spray adhesive (found at a scrapbook store) and attach the decorative patterned letters onto the styrofoam board. I did this outside so I wouldn't spray glue all over my house.
6-I have a scrapbook tool that pokes holes and that is what I used to create holes in the tops of the hearts and letters. I then threaded some red ribbon throughm, tying little bows on either end. The bows hide the push pins I use to attach it to the top of the mantel.

Happy happy Valentines Day Month--let the Lovin' begin!
How do you celebrate Valentines Day/ Month?


kaleyq said...

It was so great to talk to you this morning! It sounds like you are as crazy busy as we are! Just the life of a mom with kiddos. I remember when you made this LOVE banner. So cute! Still miss you all!

Brittany said...

woah your house looks like a warm, cozy scene from a movie! It is gorgeous and so inviting. Ilove the banner! I may just have to make one myself - esp since I have a Cricut. Will that work, do you think? thanks sis!

Tricia said...

Hi Melanie! I just love your blog and LOVE sisters cafe! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!! What are your familys valentine traditions? Do share!!

momma4 said...

I have been making all sorts of your recipes lately! YUMMY! Last night we had the quiche - then , oops, I had it for breakfast! It was so tasty! Tonight is that slow cooker spciy chicken - don't know what it is called! Thanks for all the fabulous recipes! You and your sisters rock! Hope you are not too lonely without your hubby this month! I am sure that those boys keep you VERY busy!

kera said...

that banner is SOOOO cute!!! i'm gonna have to make that!! jon and i don't celebrate valentines together {as in gifts and special just us dinner} but a few years ago i started having a candle light v-day dinner with a couple tiny gifts set out by the girls' plates and now they absolutely ADORE and look forward to valentines! forever reminding me that it's just the small traditions that make life seem extra special to them!

Mindy said...

Love that banner. Maybe I'll make one for next years since I am a little late now. :)

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