Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Traditions

Happy Valentines Day!
I love this sweet Valentines Day, and it shows becuase my little boys think it is a major holiday. Last night as I tucked Bridger into bed he said very happily " I am sooo excited that tomorrow is Valentines Day!" Then this morning he was very dissapointed and perplexed as to why his Daddy had to go to work and big brothers to school on Valentines Day! He thought that was a terrible injustice! I have to agree! We should all get to spend the day in our cozy home drinking hot cocoa, eating heart shaped cookies and making valentines to our hearts content! Until that day we will celebrate the best we can before and after school, work and errands:), darn it!
Our Valentine Traditions:
* The night before I like to decorate our kitchen eating area with a red tablecloth, hearts, (fake) rose petals and anything else valentine-ish. I set the table for breakfast and some years have a little treat by each plate. Start the day with sugar--yay!
*In the morning I make a yummy breakfast of pink heart shaped pancakes or waffles and a nice pink smoothie.
*After school my boys are greeted with a {sugarless} heart shaped snack. For example I have a mini heart shaped cookie cutter which is perfect for cheese and crackers or I will make bran muffins in my heart shaped pan.
*For dinner we always have heart shaped pizza and LOVE POTION (some type of pink or red punch or pop with dry ice bubbling within)
*We make valentine notes and treats for each other and ding door ditch them. So after dinner the doorbell ringing begins and lasts for about 30 mintues. Each person sneaks out with their handmade notes and little treats leaving them on the doorstep ringing the doorbell and running back in through the garage. It is hilariously fun and my boys LOVE it.
*Tonight since it is also Family Home E vening, I have a special lesson planned about love at home. It should be a fun night!
What are you going to do?
PS Menu Monday is being put off until tomorrow, as my computer time is up...I have little boys dying to decorate sugar cookies (click for link to our fav recipe)--gotta run!


Brittany said...

Oh Mel that was so sweet about Bridger!! What a daring! :) I agree that valentines should be a second Christmas! :) hee hee He is so sweet!! I'm excited about today - I'm up while it's pitch dark outside (not my choice, I'll admit) hanging out with Nyah noodle. But at least I can go decorate the table and get started on heart shaped, pink pancakes for Gabe! Better go! Love you and have a fun Valentines!!!!

Mindy said...

I agree with Brittany. Very sweet about Bridger. I love Valentine's, too. We doorbell ditched a few Valentine's this morning, and Jack LOVED it, too. Can't wait till we can have the doorbell ringing constantly at our house. :) Have a great Valentine's, Mel! We love

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

I love your traditions!! Happy Valentines day!

Mindy Halladay said...

YAY! I love valentine's day too! We had heart shaped pizza and berry smoothies and then heart shaped brownies for dessert. I love to do fun things with my boys and I am know you do too! Thanks for always posting your fun ideas!

Laura said...

I wish I had some of your creative & energetic genes!!! It's 9:00 & I'm in bed in a pair of sweatpants. The only reason I noticed that this holiday came & went, was because I had to wrap shoe boxes in wrapping paper & address 75 cards for the kids! No really we celebrated Saturday night with the kids by going to Gnomeo & Juliet & having heart pizza too. It was pretty low key, but fun :) I like your tradition better though- what a darling & fun way to celebrate.

Rachel Holloway said...

we don't go all out like that--yet--but we do try to do fun things! :) We always have a tour of Italy for dinner--with 3 main dish choices served in smaller portions, with salad and bread sticks. Though this year, since I have been really trying to keep up the weight loss, I scaled back and we just did chicken alfredo. But next year we want to find 2 other families and have a big v-day dinner Italian pot luck style! :)
Always do a box of chocolates for the kids--because my mom always did that for us. love v-day!!
Thanks for your super fun ideas!!! You're a fantastic mama!!

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