Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coleman's Basketball Championship Story

Last weekend Brad and I came home from our friday night date to the older boys (aka the babysitters) reporting that Coleman did not watch the movie we rented for their movie night because he wanted to go to bed early to prepare for his basketball tournament. I could tell then that he was VERY excited!
So Brad and I stayed up late watching a movie, thinking we could sleep in since the first game wasn't until 9:00am. Well, we were 7:00am I woke up to a bright eyed little eight year old standing next to the bed, fully dressed in his underarmour and YMCA jersey clutching a cold gatarode. He excitedly told me that his coach told them to come EARLY!! I didn't want to put a damper on his obvious excitement, so I tried to focus with my sleepy tired eyes and came up the idea that he should go and get some good food for breakfast to fuel his game and buy me some time! I think I suggested some cereal and a banana and sank back to my cozy bed. Around 20 minutes later he came bouncing in to let me know that he had cereal and then a pile of carrots and did I think that would be good for energy:) Even though I was tired, I was defenitely moved to get up by his sweet enthusiasm.
Coleman and buddy Karson

It was a single elemination tournament with 3 games being the maximum if they kept winning. I was pretty confident that they would get to the championship round. They had only lost one game this season and it was last weekend. Coleman wasn't there because I went to a luncheon at my friends Baptist church and forgot to tell Brad about the game. He was so sad--I was in the dog house! We heard later that the opposing team was really hard and one boy in particular was AMAZING and scored a lot of points on us.
(Coleman is #4)
Well sure enough they won their first two games and just had that one " super hard" team to beat in order to get their hands on those trophies that every one of those little 8 year olds was dying to have:)

To prepare for the final game the coaches had the boys watch the team they would play for that last game--kind of like watching film live. It was decided that Coleman was their best defender and so he would guard the star of the the other team--the same team that beat them last weekend. Coleman was getting tips and and directions from the coaches as they watched. This was serious!!:)

Coleman was sooo excited! Look at those cute little faces. I love 8yr olds!
During the game Coleman was on fire!! He defended like crazy and pretty much stopped their star in his tracks:) He had some great steals and breakaways, awesome passes and some nice baskets. At one point during a timeout he looks over at his Daddy all sweaty and flushed and mouths "this is the championship, Dad" as if we may have forgotten what was on the line here. His seriousness was so cute!
They ended up beating that team that beat them just last weekend--by 6 points!! The coach said it was helpful that I forgot about the game last weekend because Coleman ended up being their secret weapon that their opponent didn't know existed:) he he. Coleman was thrilled and thought he was involved in March Madness or something!

We had a team celebration at' Ci Cis' with an all-you-can-eat pizza and pop buffet...a little boys dream come true!
Congratulations Coleman and team...CHAMPIONS, woo hoo!!


Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

I LOVED reading this, it is so cute! Coleman is so enthusiastic and fun. I love him! And it sounded like he turned the tide for his team! Way to go, Coleman!

Jan S said...

CONGRATULATIONS COLEY! You are THE man! I loved all those pictures - but my heart was aching that we weren't there to watch in person. Thanks for sharing all those great pictures with us. We are glad that you are having so much fun playing ball. XOXOXOXO

Brittany said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading about this!! I drank up every last detail! I'm serious - it warmed my heart so much and I'm grinning like an idiot right now! :) Coleman is so cute - and what an athlete!! YAHOOOOOOOO! way to go!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Coleman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, I wish I could have been there, Coleman! I'm really proud of you! I see these pictures of you and realize how much I miss you. Moving to Highland Grammy and I was all geared up to seeing all your games and having you guys over all the time. It is hard for us to come to grips with losing a whole year and a half of your life. I want you to know how much we love and pray for you, Coleman. You're a long ways away and we don't see you every day like we'd hoped. . . . . but we think of you often. Keep up the good work, buddy and keep working on that 'cross-over' dribble.


Mindy Halladay said...

Great job Coleman! You are looking like a b-ball star!

stephanie said...

I'm sure this is just the beginning of lots of basketball stories that I here about you, Coleman. Way to use that enthusiasm on the floor---attitude makes a big difference. Melanie, I loved this post. Eight year olds are awesome. Thanks. (By the way, Lone Peak HS won state today in basketball and Brody Berry is one of their lead players. Ryan Wilson was over with Josh and we watched the win together on TV. Love to see these boys excel.)

Uncle Matt said...

Congrats on winning the tournament Coleman! I wish I could have seen those games- especially the last game where you shut down the offensive threat of their star player!

It reminds me of watching you play soccer before you moved and your hard work and aggressive play had you the top scorer on the team!

Sure proud of you Coleman. Hope to see you play and the other boys wrestle someday!

Mindy said...

Go Coleman!!! I seriously LOVED that post. I miss Coleman and all your boys so much that I just eat up the posts about them. What a fun day. I wish I could have been there to see our little fireball in real life.

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