Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Menu Monday

First of all I have LOVED all your comments and emails regarding the challenge! Yay--it so fun to do this together. If you want to join the fun --read more here:)

How is your 'Healthy and Strong Challenge #1' going? Mmmm I am LOVING my real food efforts. The picture above was my delicious snack the other day--wholegrain toast with some of my{favorite} homemade buttermilk dressing fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Yum! I know how silly to take a picture--I think fresh fruits and vegetables are beautiful--Iam kinda weird like that:)

I got so excited about posting about the challenge yesterday, I forgot to add my weekly menu. So here we go...a little late:)

Monday--We had a major storm blow thru and the power was out for hours around dinner time--so "Daddy cooked" --code word for Brad picked up his favorite...pizza:), carrots, apple slices

FamilyHomeEvening treat: Cowboy Cookies

Tuesday--Sunday leftovers--favorite pork roast, mashed potatoes, salad, brocoli

Wednesday--Pesto Chicken Sandwich, roasted garlic cauliflower, cucumber spears, mandarin oranges

Thursday--Wild Alaskan Salmon, baked brown rice pilaf, spinach salad with rosemary balsamic dressing, fresh papaya (bought one for the first time at Costco yesterday)

Friday--Date night with my honey--boys quesidillas, green smoothie

Saturday--Whole Wheat pasta, with roasted tomatoes, natural roasted red pepper chicken sausage, zuchini and parmesan cheese. Crusty bread, applesauce

Sunday--Butter Chicken, basmati rice, Naan (I am sooo excited to try this recipe--Butter Chicken is one of my favorite dishes at our favorite Indian Restraunt--if it turns out great, I will be posting it on The Sisters Cafe)

Dear 'Mama Monster' commenter--I tried Chobani greek yogurt today and LOVE it!
Thanks for the great tip!


stephanie said...

I don't think you're strange. I like to take pics of food, too---and I get the same joy out of seeing fresh fruits and veggies on my camera screen. To me its amazing that God made so many varieties of edible plants for us to munch on! Anyway, I'm excited to hear more about the butter chicken.

the mama monster said...

looks like a great menu! i think fruits and vegetables are pretty too. it kind of amazes me actually when i grow something in the garden and we eat it. such a cool thing. glad you like that yogurt! i look forward to it every day!

Bebe McGooch said...

I also love the Greek Gods yogurt. The honey flavor is my absolute favorite!

Michael & Jessica Allen said...

I love Chobani too!!!! I put it in out green smoothies for some good breakfast protien...thanks for the recipe!

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