Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Healthy and Strong Challenge #3

Challenge #3: Get Moving!

Did you know that just 30 minutes of exercise a day can do wonders for your health? I recently read this article from the Mayo Clinic about 7 benefits of excerise--including preventing disease, boosting energy, losing wieght, happier moods, better sleep and more! Click here for the full article. Another great article here

Will you commit with me to be active for at least 30 minutes everyday (or at least 6 days) this week?

I have enjoyed a brisk walk around my neighborhood, alternating running and walking on my treadmill, even runniing up and down my stairs (when the power was out and it was storming--yeah, I felt funny doing it, but it was actaully a good workout:) and different excercise videos.

Have fun and let us know what you are going to do!


PixieGirl said...

Yes, this one is a must...you want sanity in life, just keep your body moving. I really think it's a natural cure for the blahs:)

Mindy said...

Oh, I agree that exercise is so important! I always feel so much better when I am active.

Becky said...

Hi Mel! I've been following you for a few months. I'm also a Tennessee gal....I almost went to TIFW-but it didn't work out.
I enjoy your posts about healthy living. I just had my 5th baby, and have had a very hard time wanting to be motivated. Well, I started a 90 day commitment to myself-no sugar, daily exercise and healthy food. I'm on day 6, and already feel like a fog has started to lift. I truly believe that what we put into our bodies, and exercise, really strengthens our entire being, leaving more energy for nourishing our spirits and our families. Thanks for the added encouragement!

Mindy said...

6 days may be a challenge, but I am going to TRY!

Melanie Anne said...

Pixie Girl:)
You are right!! I feel the same way!

Hi Becky,
It is so good to hear from another TN girl:) You would have loved TOFW--it was great! Maybe next time:) I think your committment sounds realy great! I agree, starting healthy challenges is always hard but once you get going it feel so good! I agree with what you said about how it effects our spirits too. So true:) thanks for the words of wisdom!

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