Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This morning I had all my boys home for breakfast and to search for gold. (Connor had a fieldtrip that he forgot to bring home the permission slip and TJ just lucked out when I let hime sleep in and go late:) Our family has a lepreachan that leaves us gold candy every year scattered around the house. He also does little tricks like turning our milk green! I tell the boys that we have a leprechaun that likes us because of our Irish heritage, I guess:) It is so much fun to watch my boys scurry around to find the gold and then talk about Leprechauns all day! Everyone went to school sporting some green so as not to get pinched!

Connor and I are headed out to lunch together--we are having our own fieldtrip:) He felt kind of bad that he missed the big day out, but happy to get to sleep in. And Lupis famous pizza with Mom--is better than a bus full of sweaty kids, right?!
Our traditional green breakfast, complete with milk that somehow turns green when it hits the glass! Weird!

Bridger is not too sure about that green milk:)
But Coleman downed it!

Last night my older boys were telling my younger ones all about our St Patricks Day traditions and they were getting so excited! They could hardly sleep and insisted on finding the one book we have about a little Leprachaun named Liam for their good night story. It made me laugh because this holiday is really not that big of deal--but little ones are so easy to please! I love it:)

I am looking forward to our Irish (sort of) Dinner tonight.

On the menu:
Corned Beef (in the slow cooker now)
Colcannon--potato and cabbage dish I grew up on--so good!
Ginger Ale-yum!
Green Salad

Sugar Gems (sugar cookies frosted with green icing and sprinkles)

I love creating happy celebratations for my family!
I know it is silly but it serves a makes life fun. My children look forward to every little holiday and tradition we do. I think it helps them feel special and loved and that makes it all worth it!
Happy St. Patricks Day!


Erin said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love the green shamrock waffles from your nifty heart waffle maker! :) I love how you make such a big deal of these holidays. It's so cool! We had rolos on the table too, and green pancakes, and magical green milk, all from talking to you yesterday!! :) Thanks for the wonderful fun ideas!

stephanie said...

Thought of you and your family's fun holiday traditions today.

MaryAnn said...

So, our leprechan (I don't think I spelled that right) gets into our fridge and turns our milk green during the night (also turns our toilet water green...sneeky little guy) but I am wondering how you get the milk to turn green as you pour it into the cup. Do you just have food coloring in the bottom of the cup that they don't notice?

Jan S said...

Sounds like a fun day, Melanie. Grandma Ririe used to tell us about a little "brownie" (good elf) that did good little deeds around her house. Fun traditions. We missed your boys at the St. Patty's day party - the green wig just sat there! :(

Kim Anderson said...

How did you get the milk to turn green when you poured it into the glasses? That is such a darling idea!

Mindy said...

I agree, Mel! I love any reason for a party. I hid chocolate coins all over our living room for Jack this year. He LOVED it. He asked for chocolate money the rest of the week. :) ANd we had green pancakes, too. I guess it is about time I posted about it. :)

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