Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Begins

Please excuse my lack of Menu Monday--I am too busy enjoying my 5 boys home on Spring Break!

This morning we super cleaned our home, goofed around, played a few games and now we are off to play some basketball with friends and enjoy ice cream sandwiches!

We are enjoying 70 degree weather! Woo hooo!!

Happy Monday everyone!! What does your week look like?

Menu, Healthy and Strong Challenge #3, Mardi Gras Party pictures, Time Out for Women review coming:) ....when we have some down time!


Anonymous said...


Here is a Wellness Challenge that I thought you and some of your readers may be interested in. I've done it a couple of times and love the balance of it.
All "rules" are posted, as well as, info for the next challenge which begins April 4th. Can't wait for your #3! Have a fun Spring Break.

Jan S said...

Spring Break looked so fun . . . wish I could have joined in the game nights with you. I am surprised at how much the boys are growing and growing up! Sure miss them!

Mindy said...

Wish we could join you for Spring Break!! We especially need some of that 70 degree weather. Jack is looking at your blog with me, and he is chanting, "Go Connor's house! Go Connor's house!" Wish we could buddy!

Brittany said...

yay for spring break! we kind of miss out on that now in our family... with no one in school! :) but I remember how awesome that week was every year. The pics of the boys were so cute. I miss you guys!!!!!

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