Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Weekend Plans

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We are so excited for General Conference this weekend! We have our packets printed, bingo cards and most importantly (in my boys mind) the treats are ready:) I have different treats or snacks for each session. We all love the tradition of watching General Conference together as a family. Our treats include (Boys really really like to eat:) Saturday 1st session: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and green smoothies 2nd Session: Roasted Cinnamon Almonds, Pistachios and IZZY sodas Sunday 3rd Session: Black and White Bean Dip and chips, and freshly baked pretzels 4th Session: Conference Trail mix (pictured above)*also used for Bingo chips

The words of this primary song keep running thru my head "Come listen to a prophets voice and hear the word of God" I am so grateful to have a prophet and apostles of God on the the earth today. Their words and counsel are such a powerful blessing in my life. I know it is important for my boys to hear these inspired messages and so my desire is to create a happy atmosphere for Conference watching. I also encourage my boys to pray for the spirit of God to be with them so that they can know for themselves if what is shared is true.

To print some fun activities for your little ones go here (the official church website) For older children I like these packets here.

Here is even one for adults :)

There are four sessions of Conference this weekend that can be watched on BYUTV and will be broadcast live on the Mormon channel online.

To prepare I have been listening to the last conference talks on my IPOD. Some of my favorites are:

Of Things That Matter Most , Come unto Me with Full Purpose of Heart, and I Shall Heal You” and "The Divine Gift of Gratitude"

Hope you too have a wonderful Weekend!


kristi lee said...

well you left off the important boy part...what are the snacks your serving? please post so i can be lazy and just copy!!! hee hee!

Melanie Anne said...

Ok Krist,
I jsut added a links to what we are having:) Have fun! love you guys!!

n82 said...

How did you make the cinnamon rolls in time for general conference?! I woke up this am and thought I would make them but there is so much rising time!

Did you make them the night before?

Melanie Anne said...

Yes I do make them the night before--then I put the pans on the freezer in my garage to raise during the night. I am actually switching up my "treat Schedule" ha ha a bit because I am doing the cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morn. I am goind to start them this eveing when I get my little ones to bed! Have a good weekend!

n82 said... confused. I thought the rolls are meant to rise in a draft free place...

So do you put the rolls IN the freezer to rise or ON TOP of the freezer? Is it warm in your garage?

Melanie Anne said...

Sorry for th econfusion--I put them covered lightly with greased plastic wrap ON TOP of my deep freeze--My garage is not warm but right now it is warmer (in TN) than my fridge. They are going to raise slowly all night. You can also put them in your fridge--but you will have to take them out in time to have a few hours to raise before you put them in the oven--because the fridge is so cold they don't raise very well.
Does that make sense?? I hope so!

n82 said...

Thanks for makes sense now! It makes it "do-able" knowing you can leave rolls to rise overnight!

Laura said...

Thanks for the fun ideas- our conference watching experience is never as pleasant as yours sounds! I'm hoping these fun treats & activities will help :) Love ya-

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