Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy and Strong Challenge #5

Did you know that drinking more water has some SERIOUSLY awesome health benefits? Think lose weight, more energy, bright and clear complexion, better sleep, less sickness and more!

Please read this great article --it will fire you up on wanting to drink LOTS of water! This weeks challenge is...DRINK WATER!

Healthy and Strong Challenge #5

Drink at least 64oz of water everyday

I have a serious problem with this. I know that I don't drink enough water. I get busy and forget. So I have decided to measure out 64 oz of water in a pitcher each day and leave it on the counter all day with a glass as a reminder. The last few days I have tried this and it is working. I am drinking the water, but man it feels like A LOT, which just goes to show that I have not been drinking even close to enough! Also, I am going to the ladies room constantly which is very annoying. I have heard that my body will adjust--I sure hope so:) ***Ha ha--I just realized that I made a mistake--my pitcher is a gallon and for some reason I thought that was 64oz--which has been so hard for me to drink! I just looked it up and a gallon is actually 128oz. I have been drinking A LOT of water! No wonder it has been so hard:)

Do you drink enough water? If so, how do you do it?

**Also, I have my weekly menu up top in the tabs--what do you think? Should i leave it there each week? Or go back to making it a post?

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Mindy Halladay said...

Hey Melanie! As soon as I get up in the morning, I drink 2 cups of water. It seems to be really helpful - especially since I run/walk in the a.m. too (I drink water after I exercise too). Then, I drink while I am on the computer at work, on my lunch break, at supper and in the evening while I am winding down. I pretty much only drink water - that is how I do it!

Lisa W said...

I find that I drink more water if I put a few lime wedges in my water bottle. That little bit of added flavor makes a big difference!

Ashley's "Random Ruminations" said...

Hi Melanie,
I laughed at your miscalculation. Now it must be easier :-) That is something that I would do!

Things are calming down, I've got your emails to reply to soon- I'll be more in touch soon.

I like the menu bar- I also smiled at your comment about being tired of "linking" :-)

Love your postings!

Brittany said...

that was so funny how you were making yourself drink a gallon a day! :) I know I don't drink enough either so I will take on your challenge! The tabs up top are really cool, btw!

Jan S said...

OK, I am doing so bad at the weekly challenges. I have just GOT to get going. Keep up the encouraging posts . . . I am going to get there . . .

Mindy said...

Drinking lots of water is something that nursing is great for. I feel like I am thirsty constantly and I drink all the time. I use my hospital mug (32oz) and drink the whole thing at least once (usually twice) plus many glasses of water throughout the day. I am not as good when I am not nursing though. One good way to see if you are drinking enough is the color of your urine. A well hydrated person has pale yellow urine. he brighter your urine, the more you should be drinking! Kind of gross, but urine is a great way to tell if you are drinking enough! :)

Anonymous said...

The same personal trainer who taught me about the science behind eating six mini meals also told me we should drink 120 oz/day. It was a full time job to get all that water in but I felt SO good when I did. I shoot for 90 oz/day, I have a 18 oz cup that I use and pound down a full one after my a.m. workout and with each meal and squeeze in one more during the evening hours. I do better if I stand there and down a whole cup full at once rather than sip through the day.

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