Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming of Backyard Magic

I can't get this sweet outdoor movie night out of my head ever since I saw it in the current Pottery Barn Catalogue. Doesn't that look perfect?  Too bad I don't have that tree in my backyard... AMAZING, huh?! I really want to do this for my family.  It may not be as perfectly stylin' as this, but I will find a way.  I know my boys would LOVE it!

 Absolutely LOVE glass jar lighting.  I am definitely doing this on the back deck!

Love these sparkling jars...

Can't wait for firefly watching....one of my favorite things about living in the South!

How romantic is this?  Perfect spot for a summer dinner party...
Source: None via Melanie on Pinterest

And this last one? 

What a beautiful spot to cuddle with your love
 --perfect for star gazing and stealing kisses:)

These images have my mind churning with ideas. 
 I am excited to create a little magic in my backyard this summer! 


Mindy Halladay said...

OOOH! I love the backyard movie night! We do have a tree too - just no grass right now! AGH! Maybe once we get our yard in order we could do one! Want to come! ;)

Melanie Anne said...

I would LOVE to come:) Too bad we are not a little closer--our boys would have a blast together! What a crew we have together!!

Laura said...

Cute new blog look :) I love it! I always have romantic visions of my backyard too & in reality there are broken toy guns, soccer balls & popsicle sticks all over! I hope to change it someday :) Post pics of how yours turns out.

Melanie Anne said...

I laughed out loud when I read your comment! You just described my backyard to a T!! But a girl can dream, right?! lol:)

stephanie said...

We've done the backyard movie before (sheet hung up against our stucco and blankets and pillows.) It was a lot of fun---not pottery barn style, but still fun. Now that I have a back porch, peach trees, hammock, outdoor table, and an umbrella (just bought the umbrella during a Memorial Day sale,) maybe I could pull some of this off. I love the hanging jars. If I do, I'll send you a pic.

Brittany said...

oh my gosh those pics were AMAZING!! Loved the glass jar lights too - can't wait to try that out this summer... hmmmm...you have got my mind churning too! :)

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