Monday, May 23, 2011

14 Years ago today...

Brad and I welcomed our first son into the world!  It was a VERY rough labor that actually started early on the 22nd of May, but did not successfully bring forth a baby until the 23rd.

We were OVERJOYED and SMITTEN at once with our new little boy.  Connor Bradley weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 14oz and we thought he was PERFECT!

Now our sweet little bundle has traded in chubby cheeks for a tall and lanky look with braces...and we are still smitten with this boy!

He requested pizza and a white cake with chocolate frosting. YUM!
This year he was gifted a bench and weight set, some American Eagle clothes, Sperry topsiders, "The Bourne Identity" movie (which we are watching with clear play right now), along with some Reeses Pieces candy and 5 gum.  He loved his gifts and his brothers loved presenting them to him.
 I LOVE birthday parties--but let me just say ALL my boys including the Daddy were so wild and goofy during the festivities that I seriously thought to myself ...'I do not get boy humor' and wondered if I ever will?"   Sometimes, I could really use another girl around here...I am so outnumbered!
Happy Birthday Connor Bradley!  I love you my darling boy!

PS Do you like the new look around here?  Thank you Emily from Designer Blogs-I highly reccommend this company.  The prices were great and the service was FANTASTIC! 


Janell said...

Hi Melanie!
I'm reading your blog when I really need to get up and do some housework and laundry! Just wanted to say hello! I love the new look of your blog-its fresh and fun! Have a great day!

Melanie Anne said...

Thank Janell:)
So good to hear from you--but sorry to keep you from your housework and laundry lol! Hope your day is great and you get everything done:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie, your cake plates are beautiful in the background. I'm looking for some right now, do you have any recommendations on where to buy them. Thank you!!

Carrie Hazar said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! We meant to call all day and sing but this time change thing really throws me off. Connor didnt miss much without our singing though but we wanted to let him know how much we love him! I can't believe how old all of my nieces and nephews are getting....does that make me old too? I remember the day Connor arrive and how exciting it was and what a relief he came safe. He is the perfect older brother to all of those boys! We are so proud of him and all his accomplishments. Hope to see you guys soon! Xoxo Carrie and the girls!

Melanie Anne said...

Dear Anonymous,
I LOVE cake plates too:) I started collecting them a few years ago--I use them for more than just cake too (muffins, watermelon slices, waffles--I love the way they look in the middle of my table and on my hutch when not in use) Anyway--I bought the ruffle edge white stacking ones at Crate and Barrel online. I have also found some GREAT ones at Home Goods (a TJ Maxx company). It is hit or miss there, but the prices can't be beat! Good luck!

Brittany said...

how fun! I remember that day too...we were all in the basement waiting for the phone calls and updates...everyone was so stressed and excited!! I can't believe it has been 14 years. THat blows my mind. A lot has happened since then. Little Connor was our first baby in the family - what an exciting time! He was so special - and still is! I loved what you said at the end about not getting thier humor... I totally get it!! I would be lost with all those boys around, haha! Good thing you have plenty of sisters! :)

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