Friday, May 20, 2011

Let the FUN begin

SCHOOL is out for my boys!
I can't believe the beloved days of summer are finally here!
We are working on our Summer Bucket List.*
and I am getting the summer edition ready of our Family Command Center* (that sounds so official it makes me laugh:)
*More to come with pictures!

Right now I am painting my nails a BRIGHT and fun shade of pink (OPI Dutch tulips) Just getting ready for my hot date tonight:) Dinner and a movie, can't wait!
My little boys roll their eyes eveytime we go on our weekly date and ask WHY (my older boys have stopped questioning the weekly date night and they babysit without complaint--so nice)?

I tell them because we love each other... leaving off the part that it is nice to have some alone time once a week! Brad, on the other hand tells them we go on dates so we can kiss while he makes kissy lips! That gets a lot of giggles and "eehs" and "I am not gonna do that when I grow up"
I will be reminding them of their aversion to kissing when they are of dating age--ha ha:)

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!


PixieGirl said...

Date nights are blissful! so glad you guys subscribe to the notion of running away for a few hours each needed!

Brittany said...

oh that was so cute!! I totally laughed - you guys are so much fun. You and Brad have a knack for making life FUN! Your boys are so blessed to have you as an example of marriage. Yay for date nights!! :) And I can't believe school is out already... summer is here???! It doesn't feel like it here in Seattle but I'm ready! :)

Erin said...

Ha! That is too funny about the kissing on your date! I bet your boys get lots of giggles out of that!

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