Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Fun

We celebrated Coleman's 9th birthday on Friday! 

 His requested birthday dinner was Hot Dogs:)
Also on the menu:
Layered Drinks--have you tried these yet?  They are a blast to make and drink!
BBQ Lays Potato Chips
Green Salad with Buttermilk Dressing
Oreo Ice Cream Pie
 This boy is such a delight to have around.  Coleman is so inquisitive, creative, kind hearted and FUN--there is NEVER a dull moment with this boy around!
He is slightly obsessed with semi trucks and driving right now. 

 Every time we are in the car he tells me how he can not wait until he can be get a license, points out all the big trucks and expresses his dreams of being a truck driver someday:)
He was gifted a semi truck to play with, a new Bible, a Nike basketball shirt, beef jerky, ice cube gum, a new art mosaic game and a MOTOR SCOOTER to speed around the neighborhood on.

Happy happy Birthday my darling boy! 
You are love beyond words!


Brittany said...

that was so fun to read and I loved all the pictures!! Man do I miss that Coleman!! And all his brothers too! You guys have such a big part of my heart that is just for you! :) it feels a little empty right now... I miss you! But it sure makes it better to see pics like these and hear little details about the boys... like Coleman's trucker dreams?! All right!!!! :) I can totally see him into that - what a cute kid!! And what a personality! Boy we sure love him. Wish we could have come for the party! I loved how you served the potato chips in a pretty bowl - that is so you!! I think it is awesome, esp since you are in a house of all boys. YOu are totally hanging on to the girl details. what a fun mom you are, sis! Sure love you guys...

Mindy said...

Oh, I miss that boy!! I love his BIG personality. I wish aunts had a little more sway... I would have adopted your boys rather than have them move away. :) Happy Birthday to the best future truck driver! PS I loved when he told me he was going to win american idol and be a singer... and if that didn't work out he was going to be a truck driver. But if that didn't work out, he was going to be an OB. Too funny!

Jan S said...

OH! Reading about his birthday made me miss our Coley so much! I laughed and laughed about his truck-driving dreams. I can hardly wait to see what this guy does with his life. He's always full of plans! It was so fun to see the pics. I miss you all and especially that ball of personality!

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