Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Inspiration

As you know I LOVE holidays and the Fourth of July ranks up there pretty high in my book.  I feel so blessed to live in this great country and enjoy the blessings of freedom and prosperity.  I also feel so grateful to all those who sacrificed so much to bring about this great nation that we enjoy.
So in honor of our Independence Day coming up on Monday, I present to you these lovely images to inspire our celebrations!

Happy 4th of July my friends!

Please note the links at the bottom of each image. for the source of these little delights:)

Let the celebrations begin, hope your day is GRAND!


Laura said...

Wow! Fun stuff. I made the layered red, white & blue drink the other night for book club. They were very cute & refreshing :) Happy 4th!

music notes said...

Hello, new to your blog. That cake looks delightful!

Brittany said...

oh wow I loved all those ideas!!! Adorable and so festive! I didn't know you were on Pinterest?!! I just heard about it and how cool it is!

Mindy said...

Like your round-up sis!

Jan S said...

What great ideas! I loved the first one with bread, jam, bananas, . . . ha! That is about my spead. I didn't see these in time for this year, but will back next year to use these ideas!

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