Saturday, July 30, 2011

I think I was born in the wrong century...

I am currently enjoying a very relaxing "mini moon" with my husband in Savannah, Georgia.
This is one of the countries oldest cities, dating back to 1733, and brimming with that old Southern charm that I love. 
I am now officially in the mood for 'Gone with the Wind'.  Although, I am not sure I can get my boys to sit through that, I may have to plan a girls night--maybe I can serve up some Peach Cobbler or Red Velvet Cake while we watch:) 
I have always LOVED that film, in fact my name was inspired by the kind hearted  character, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes.  My Mom would tell me how Melanie refused to see bad in people and she hoped I would do the same.  This thought has stayed with me as a gentle reminder and goal.
I have come to realize that I am happiest when I focus on the good in others.   Funny how that works!
Well, I am off to enjoy some good southern home cookin' at Savannah's own Paula Deen's " The Lady and Sons" restaurant Yum!  


Melbell said...

Hi Melanie,
long time follower here of sister's cafe :) i wasn't sure if i should out myself as a blog stalker :) but I was named after melanie in the movie also! i just thought that was awesome that you were too! my dear mom said scarlet was beautiful but she loved melanie's sweet nature...i have thanked her for not naming me just doesn't fit me as well ;) cheers from utah

Melanie Anne said...

That is awesome--another Gone With the Wind Melanie:) Thanks for leaving a comment--please never feel like a stalker, I welcom new friends to Melandboys! It is so fun to connect with other women. I love that about blogging!!

Brittany said...

oh wow that dress is pretty awesome!! But can you imagine having to dress like that every day??!! As a mom too?! Yikes! :) HOw come I never knew your name came from Gone with the Wind?!! That is pretty cool. I love Mom's reason - totally sounds like her too. Good thing you are like that naturally! Must've come with the name! :)

Mindy said...

Wouldn't it be fun to wear a dress like that? Of course, I agree with Baba. I would absolutely die if I had to do it every day. I like my capris and T that I am wearing much better. haha. I love Gone with the Wind, but it makes me sad for days every time I watch it. Glad you had fun on your mini moon!

Jan S said...

And, my dear daughter, you have lived up to the name in every way!

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