Monday, August 22, 2011

The Family Binder--keeps me sane!

We keep our family binder in the sun room right off the kitchen.

One aspect of family life that drives me crazy is keeping track of the gazillion papers we seem to generate!  Sports practise and game schedules, notes from teachers, reminders of giving talks in Sunday school, birthday party invitations, coupons to our favorite pizza place and the list goes on!  A couple of years ago I was fed up with the mess and implemented a system that{thankfully}works!  Introducing the THE FAMILY BINDER!
 This little 3 ring binder keeps our family organized and on top of things! We used to get so stressed and waste so much time trying to find that "one paper" in a stack on our counter or in a drawer.  Now it is so nice to know where all of our important papers are and be able to locate them quickly. 

Here is how it works:
*You will need a nice and sturdy 3 ring binder, dividers (with pockets are the best), and page protectors.
*Each person in the family has a section where we put any of their important papers that they get from school, coaches etc.  They also have a list of their friends phone numbers there.
  I also have a section for Home (projects and bids),Menus, and Church. 
 I got this leather binder in the planner section of Target for about $25.  I love that it has this little file feature, zippered pocket and card holder.  I used the file for bills, invites (but I will probably change that because we usually put that in the individuals divider pocket) receipts (this is where I put them until I have time to file them in the cabinet) and coupons ( I am not a 'couponer', but I do use a few now and then).  I also put frequently called business cards in there, including our pediatrician and orthodontist.
 In the back is a notepad that I have been using for household shopping lists, and items I want to remember for our next family council (ie work not getting done, plan to memorize scriptures, fun places to go as a family etc).

It is funny how the simplest things can make a HUGE difference.  This is one of those things.

Do you have any simple ideas that have worked in a big way for your family?  I would love to hear about them:)


Shannon said...

i love love love this idea... i haven't switch over 100% to my iphone calendar b/c i put so many papers in my planner. this is perfect! i have 4 kids, and i can already see the benefits of this!

PixieGirl said...

You are a genius! Great idea...soo needed this!

Jan S said...

Wow! I wonder if I am too old to make use of the this idea. I am STILL losing those important papers and there are only two of us now! Great idea.

Barbi said...

I love this idea! & I love your blog! I love your positive and upbeat personality....

Sandy said...

It is scary how similiar we think! :) I too, have one of these little organizers. I love it! I keep track of our budget in mine, as well as a to do list.

I recently bought another binder for Matthew (my 4 year old) who just started PreK. I wanted an organized way to keep his precious drawings and art projects.

Brittany said...

fabulous idea!! I LOVE it! you are incredibly organized - wow. You have so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing sis!!

Marnie said...

I use a similar binder, but also keep emergency and medical information in ours. Love your blog revamp by the way.

Erin said...

What a great idea. I love how organized you are.

Heidi said...

You inspired me to make a binder! The great news is that I finally bought the actual binder yesterday and set up the tabs and organized it today! Yay!!

That huge stack of papers that were sitting on the corner of the counter (since school started) are finally gone!

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