Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Of School Morning x 2

6:30am  Big Boys have breakfast (yummy overnight waffles here), scripture study and pictures before we leave for school.

A 7th grader and a Freshman--what?!  I can not possibly be old enough to have a HIGH SCHOOLER!
    (they are so sweet to accommodate my picture taking still.  I am sure they are starting to worry that I will be following them to college just to get my first day of school shot:)

7:45 am Group 2 Breakfast, scriptures, and pictures:)

A big time 3rd grader and a brand new Kindergartner!

Cannon is REALLY missing his best buddy Bridger.  Each morning Cannon and I  happily wave from the front porch as he hollers his "have a nice day" and "I love yous" to his big brothers.  Then as we go inside Cannon cries for a few minutes as the realization hits him that the brother he has been with everyday of his whole entire life is leaving him behind.  It is just heart breaking (for him and me!)  I try to talk it up that he is going to be my buddy and we are going to have so much fun--but life is not the same and he knows it!  Poor little guy.  He has a summer birthday and so technically he could start school next year, but I haven't decided.  I would like him to be the oldest instead of the youngest, but the thought of one more long year without his brother....I don't know if I can do that to him!
Cannon making (and sampling) chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack for his big brothers.  YUM!

And in a couple of weeks we will have a 4 different times to get boys out the door each morning now that Connor started early morning seminary class and our little man goes to pre-K!  
Oh the crazy life of a home full of children!

So far, somedays have been 'go go go' from sun up to sun down...
I am praying for the energy I need and trying to go to bed earlier! 

We are going to LOVE our weekends, I can tell you that much!

Are you still enjoying the last bit of summer or have your kiddos gone back too?


Zobell Fam said...

I cannot get over how big your boys are getting. You have adorable boys. Congratulations on having a high schooler, that will be us next year with Delanie.

Amy said...

My kids don't start school until Sept 6th. I will have a 2nd grader, a kindergartener and one at home in diapers.

You have a beautiful family and I enjoy both your sites. Thank you for sharing.

Jan S said...

I LOVED those pictures! Wow! THe boys are growing so fast - can't wait to see you in December.

Brittany said...

that was such a fun and sweet post! I just LOVED seeing all the pictures of the boys on their first day of school. I must be pregnant (haha) because seeing how big Connor and TJ looked gave me another lump in my throat. How can they have grown up so fast?! It feels like yesterday that they were little toddlers. It boggles my mind. They are so handsome and tall and mature now! Mel, you have got to be so proud. And the little boys are looking so big and cute too (I'm talking about Bridge and Cannon, not Coleman - he is a handsome BIG boy!!) 3rd grade already? WOW! Will you tell them all how much I love them? I miss you all so much!!!!!!!

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