Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School Dinner

I had such fun decorating for this years annual 'Back to School Dinner' and it was a lot cuter than usual too:) ...thanks to the free printables at eighteen25.  Thank you ladies!

On the menu:
Chicken & Vegtable Terriyaki Fried Rice
Whole Wheat Rolls
Fresh Watermelon
Pink Lemonade

And a very gourmet  Rice Krispy Cake...

Every year we have a theme and this year it was Spencer W. Kimball's famous words "Lengthen Your Stride"  During dinner I shared with the boys some life history and interesting stories from the life of President Kimball.  Ending with what a hard worker he was and what it means to 'Lengthen Your Stride'  The boys all committed to push themselves and try harder in every aspect of their lives this school year--not only with grades, and sports, but in serving and striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully. 

After dinner all the boys recieved a Fathers Blessing.
This is the sweetest part of the night.
Watching my boys take their turn and hearing the beautiful words of counsel and blessings from my husband to our sons.
There is always a happy feeling that fills our home and I am so thankful.
We ended the night with this super gourmet, ridiculously easy Rice Krispy Cake, while we discussed the upcoming year.
It was decided (mostly by Mom and Dad--with some grumbling) that we should all go to bed earlier because this year we have an early morning seminary boy!  Connor will attend a scripture study class every morning before school at 6am!  That means getting up at 5am, yikes that is early! 

Here is to a Happy New School Year--hurrah!
(If you want to make this rice krispy delight--simply make a double batch of rice krispy treats and find two containers that will work for stacking.  Be sure to spray the chosen containers with non stick cooking spray and let the treats set  up in the molds for 20 minutes.  Then stack and decorate with some 'Capt Crunch Berries')


Heidi said...

What a great tradition! All the best to your boys as they start school!! We still have 3 more weeks to go here!

Heather said...

What a great idea!! You are awesome.=)

Griffin Christensen said...

I love this tradition! Your table looked seriously darling, too. Hope school is going well for your little (and big now) guys.

Jan S said...

Oh Melanie, you always amaze me with your commitment to being a great mother and your creative, fun ideas. What a happy home you are building. I am so proud of you. XOXOXOX0

Brittany said...

that is utterly amazing, Mel! This is one of my favorite traditions of yours. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to adopt so many of your great ideas into my own family as it gets older. YOu are such an inspired Mother!

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