Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Days of Summer

On the last the day before school started we wanted to squeeze that last bit of summer fun out of the all too soon ending season.  So after cleaning out the garage (what can I say...I too had to squeeze one more project out of my boys while we had time:) we went 'Disco Skating' with a bunch of friends and then off to the pool.   It was a BLAST!  I have to admit that I usually dangle my feet in the water and chat with friends while my kids play--BUT this last day of summer I felt like really swimming with them and it was so much fun!

It is one of those days with my boys that I will always remember...a day I hope we will happily reminisce about over the years! 
 I know I will!

I really enjoyed playing 'sharks and minnows', 'quiet mouse' and jumping off the diving board with them--and then taking all these iphone shots of daring jumps:)  Even Bridger, who was scared to jump off the diving board just last week, got in on the action proudly performing  front flips!! 




Coleman and best bud Kollin

My little sweetie pie
The only one who still needs floaties and is too scared to jump off the diving board. Geez my boys are growing up fast!!
He still had fun getting in line for the diving board and then when it was his turn,  he would very determinedly run and jump into the water on the side totally bypassing the board:)  He also was out in the games bobbing around with his floaties thinking he was part of it all!

Next up First day of School! yikes


PixieGirl said...

I'm so glad you made the most of your last day:) We have one week left and I am already mourning the loss...

Jan S said...

What cute boys - looks like you had a blast! I love seeing these pictures of the kids since we miss out on so much. Thanks for posting!

Brittany said...

what great pictures!!!!! I love that the boys love the diving board - I remember that being my fave thing in a pool! And all those games - how FUN! I'm so glad that you got in and played too - I'm sure the boys loved it! Cannon is so adorable! That story about him waiting in line for the diving board is exactly something that Gabe would do! So cute! It's hard for me to remember how little Gabe is sometimes since he is my oldest. It is so good for me to read your blog and how life is for the "baby" of the reminds me that Gabe is a baby too and I shouldn't push him too much. How fun that must be for Cannon to have all his fun big brothers too. What a darling family you all make!! :)

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