Monday, August 8, 2011

It's the Pirate LIfe for Me (pirate party ideas)

I am not sure how many pirate parties I have put on over the course of my years as a Momma of boys...but this may be the last one:(
  My littlest man turned 4 last month and we celebrated buccaneer style!!
So if anyone out there is thinking of a pirate party, here a few tried and true tips for a great time!
I did not take a picture of the invite, but I printed the following on tan card stock which we (carefully) burned the edges, rolled up and tied with twine:

Aye ther Matie!
Ye be invited fer some Birthday merrymaking at
Capt’n Cannon’s
Pirate Party
Chart yer course fer the
Port of Christensen
(address here)
On Tuesday, July 26th 2-4pm
Be ready to pillage and plunder
Your way to a swashbuckling good time!
See ye there…Aarrgghh!!

When the little pirates arrived we decked them out in their own hat and eye patch and let them play with an assortment of ships and pirate themed toys while everyone arrived.

We then played some easy games such musical chairs with little islands on the floor, and earning treats by tossing ping pong balls into bowls candy/treasures .
Then I read my favorite pirate book---

This book was gift from my Mom years ago and is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  The kids LOVED it!  It is such a cute book, if you have a boy--get it!  It will be a favorite!
I was planning on making this amazing pirate cake, but never got to it--so cupcakes with jolly roger flags had to do.  Luckily Cannon didn't know what he was missing out on and loved his boring little cupcakes:)

We enjoyed cake and juice boxes
where I made a point to tell the boys that today they are pirates, and pirates have bad manners!
 They giggled about not saying please or thank you and yelling 'down the hatch" while pounding their fists on the table,just like the book we read!  

Next we played" cannonball"
Each little pirate had a balloon tied around their ankle.  The goal was to bust other peoples cannon balls while trying to keep your from popping.  It was silly but fun!
After unwrapping gifts we sent the little pirates on a treasure hunt created by Cannon's big brother.  The little boys ran all over the house with Connor reading each clue until they discovered a treasure chest of party favor bags.  So fun--thanks to Conn:)

One of Cannon's buddies made him a real 'duct tape' pirate sword, hat and hand crocheted eye patch--he was thrilled!

A couple of hours later the celebration continued with a family party!
On the menu

And more cupcakes, of course:)
He opened gifts from his grandparents, brothers and Mom and Dad including legos, super hero action figures, pirate PJs, cool football shirt,books and more... He loved them all:)

He must of said at least 10 times  "This is the best day EVER!"
Happy Birthday Cannon ---we love and adore you!!

You my darling boy are a treasure:)
And can you please please stay little!


Lisa said...

Darling party Melanie. I too have done several pirate parties, it is a must for boys. I am about to post pictures of Ashlyn's candyland party and I have a very similar picture of me reading to the kids. It looks almost exactly like your picture. Great minds think alike I guess :)

Brittany said...

Oh Mel what a JOY that was to read! I had a big grin on my face hearing about Cannon's big day! Isn't the sweetest age? I just love it. I can totally imagine him saying "This is the best day ever!" because Gabe says things like that too. I agree with you - stay little!!!!! ;) He looks so adorable in all the pics - loved the ones where he is making a scary pirate face, haha!! oh and I loved all the pirate party tips! Gabe declared the other day he wants a pirate party when he turns 5 so I know exactly what I'm going now! :) I'll just need to order that book. Oh I love you guys so much and I HATE missing days like this. Will you give all your boys a hug from me and remind them that I think of them often and how much a LOVE them!!!

Jan S said...

How did I miss reading this earlier? What fun ideas - it looked like you DID have a "swashbuckling" great time! :)
Cannon is getting more handsome every day. I loved those pictures of our little man! Wish so much I could have been there.

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