Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You have to be DEDICATED and TOUGH...

to run cross country in High School, especially in the heat and humidity of the South in August.  I don't know about you, but watching my son and these other kids run and struggle and improve each week is SO inspiring for me!  This is a tough sport and the caliber of kids who participate is impressive.  These are committed, hard working, ambitious individuals.  I can tell you that I have 'stepped it up' in my own workouts and runs lately, motivated by their stellar examples!  Connor runs about 4 miles everyday after school with the team and he never complains or whines about the difficult workouts his coach leads them in, ever!  This sport builds  physical strength and stamina along with some serious mental toughness!  I LOVE it and am so thankful that my boy loves it too!  What a great experience!

This was about half way into the 5K--Connor giving his little brothers a quick smile as they cheered him on from the sidelines!

I didn't get a shot of the end--I was too busy cheering the kids on...  IT WAS AWESOME!!  Connor always sprints at the end when he looks exhausted and beat--he somehow pulls down deep and finishes STRONG--and I mean FAST.  He passes people at the end left and right.  I love that determination.  He is not the fastest by any means but he gives it his best and that makes me proud!

What a super example for his little fans:) 
(This was taken somewhere in the middle of the race when the runners are out of view for awhile. It gets a little boring in the hot sun-poor guys!)
These little boys are troopers with Cross Country meets for Conn and Football games for TJ, they do a lot of cheering in the hot sun each week!  Bless their hearts!

How is your week going?  Are you busy cheering young athletes on too? 


Mindy Halladay said...

Go Connor! Running in the heat is NOT fun! We had a football jamboree this week and it was cold and rainy - welcome to football season! :)

Erin said...

I loved reading this about Connor! I love seeing the pictures of him actually doing cross country. I hear about it, but I love seeing it too!!! He looks so tough and grown up.I love the pic of him smiling to his three little devoted fans on the sideline. :)

Brittany said...

WOW connor - that is just incredible!! Oh how I wish I could come see him run!! Connor is a hero of mine :) I love his dedication and hard work. What a guy! I'm so glad that he is enjoying cross country - Go Conman!!

Mindy said...

Wow! I am so proud of Connor. I've always thought of cross country as something so difficult that only a few can do it. I can't believe my Connor is one of them! He must be in amazing condition... 4 miles every night! Wow. I LOVED seeing those pictures of him. It makes me feel involved with his life. I am so proud of him! Give him a hug from Aunt MIndy!

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