Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am ready...

I have been having thoughts like this running through my head...

I am ridiculously excited for fall!
 What is it about the change of seasons that is so good for the soul?  I find each new season so refreshing and rejuvenating--I love it!

 So even though it was 90 degrees outside and felt like summer, I went ahead and changed out my front door wreath for an autumn leaves look.

 Removed the now scraggely pink and purple summer blooms, planting some golden Chrysanthemums ($1.19 each)  and a budding auburn Mum ($2.50) So pretty for just $5!
 I can't believe that those sweet potato vines are still going strong!

I also changed out the throw pillow covers in the family room for a warmer Fall/Winter look and put a few "fallish" items here and there. 
I also picked up some 'Autumn' wallflowers at Bath and Bodyworks  (love that scent) and baked our favorite pumpkin muffins.  Yes those are both links--I couldn't recommend them more:)
I may be' jumping the gun' a bit, I think the official first day of Autumn is Sept 23, but I can't help myself!
It was a delight to see my boys reactions to the changes around here.  Much to my surprise, from my 4 year old to my husband they all actually noticed and loved it!
So yes, we are {VERY} ready for Fall...bring it on, please!

Speaking of change...I am seriously considering a major change with my hair.  I am so tired of dealing with the frizz brought on by the humidity here. I am dreaming of really cute SHORT hair. Maybe something like this... 

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Or this...

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Such a daring move for me, but I think it would be SO much easier, and take SO much less time which sounds SO appealing. 
 What do you think?  Do you have short hair?  Do love it or regret the cut?


Amy said...

I got a short cut when I had my 3rd baby. It was convenient at first, but needed a lot of up keep, which I'm not good at! I have since grown it back out to a good length for me, just below my shoulders.

I live in Michigan, so we don't have to deal w/the humidity too much.

If you decide to change it up, post a pic, I'd love to see the change.

Merilee said...

I have had short hair forever! I just decided to grow it out, so I have more is a LONG and tedious process-and thankfully we don't have humidity!!! HOWEVER, I am a HUGE fan of short hair, both of the pics you posted are darling, and would look so amazing on you! Good luck!

Simply At Home said...

I like Mandy Moore cut better...I could not deal with the long bangs always in my the second photo.

Do you remember the color of your paint in the living room photo and what brand? ..that is so pretty.

Mindy Halladay said...

I agree. I like Mandy Moore's hair best. The only bad thing about short hair is that you HAVE to do it every day. Long hair you can just put back if you are feeling lazy or in a hurry!

Brittany said...

your house is beautiful and so homey sis! I love it!! I got out my fall stuff too even though we are having more warm days now than ever during this summer!! Weird! But i'm so excited for fall too - I agree, the change of seasons is so fun! And I totally think you should cut your hair if you want to - both those cuts were gorgeous and would look great on you!

Melanie Anne said...

Simply Farmhouse,
I just noticed that you asked abou the paint color--if you still want to know, I will find out:) Do you want the dark shade above the mantle or the rest of the room? Email me at and I will go out in the garage and find it:)

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