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Visiting Teaching ideas

Last month I shared a quote and some Cinnamon swirl bread.

I received an email from a  reader requesting that I do a monthly post on the Visiting Teaching  message. 
( FYI--we are assigned sisters to visit from our congregation--to check on them, share a message and be a is awesome!) 

I love visiting teaching and have been blessed by this program, so I think a monthly post is a great idea! The best part is, it will get me thinking about it early in the month and hopefully be more prepared.  No  grabbing a copy of the lesson as I run out the door and trying to read it in the car on the way over!

I have picked a few highlights and added my thoughts in this lavender:)

Strengthening Families by Increasing Spirituality
Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, said: “There has grown in me an overwhelming testimony of the value of daughters of God. … I have felt that there has never been a greater need for increased faith and personal righteousness. There has never been a greater need for strong families and homes.” Sisters (meaning women)  can help create strong homes and families as they act on personal revelation.

(**This is one of my favorite quotes**)
The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life,”

One of the things that have helped me in this area is having a place to record my experiences with the Spirit of God in my life.  In face because I believe in this so much, I made a personal revelation journal for each of my sons that are old enough to write.  And little scripture bags for my two younger boys . We had a family home evening lesson about the importance of personal revelation, and how to qualify for and receive it.  Along with quote from Sister Beck,  I shared with my family scriptures about this topic and some favorite talks on the subject including,
Proverbs 3: 5-6
"To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use it Wisely"  Elder Richard G. Scott
"Scripture Reading and Revelation"  Elder Dallin H. Oaks
"The Spirit of Revelation" Elder David Bednar

Here are the ones I made for my boys.  They are denim notebook covers holding composition notebooks. Each one has a pocket in the inside cover for quotes and a pen.

Please don't laugh at the embroidery:)  It was fun but I had no idea what I was doing!

But you could easily make simpler ones like these that my Relief Society recently gifted to us.
They embellished an inexpensive composition notebook and glued some quotes in the cover.
Everybody loved it!
This would be easy to make for your visiting teaching sisters.

 “What can we do to better prepare our children spiritually for their eternal roles?” asked Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “Perhaps the most inclusive answer is: Teach them how to live the principles of the gospel.” This teaching comes through daily prayer, scripture study, and family mealtimes as well as weekly family home evening and Church attendance.
Elder Ballard explains: “We prepare each day, right now, for eternal life. If we are not preparing for eternal life, we are preparing for something less, perhaps something far less.”

Along with daily family scripture study and prayer, I feel that having dinner together is very important.  I wrote about it here, "How to create happy and nourishing family dinners".  You could share some ideas about the importance of family dinner and maybe a menu planner printed from here.
Also an incredible way to increase the spirituality of our families is watching and discussing General Conference (on Oct 1-2, 2011) together. What a blessing to have a prophet and apostles on the earth today.

Since that is coming up could give them activity packets for their children.
I have some links on this post here.

These are just a few ideas to discuss from this months message--
I hope this helped to at least get you started:)
Get the full September 2011 message here.
A whole list of Visiting Teaching lesson helps and handouts here.
More cute handouts  here


Brittany said...

awesome Mel!!!! i love it and can't wait for more VT ideas! I feel the need to step it up a little in my creative department! :)

ANGIE said...

Thanks for the post. It reminded me that I was going to make the cinnamon swirl bread that I found on the sisters cafe for the sisters that I V.T. Yummmm!

n82 said...

I am SO happy to see this :) Thank you for all your ideas!

Erin said...

I love the scripture notebooks and totes you made for the boys. You did a great job of making them masculine. I really want to make a scripture tote for Ben. I think I will do that. And I love the pretty loaf of bread and VT message next to it. Great idea, and so attractive. Where do you get the loaf bags?

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