Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Lovin' at our House

I am lovin' these slightly cool October mornings.  I pulled out the boys winter clothes, but haven't convinced them to give up the shorts quite yet.
Notice how Coleman has 2 backpacks?
 This morning was one of those moments that made my Mother heart happy:)
Bridger was in charge of snack time for his kindergarten class today--so I put a very large bag of animal crackers in his backpack.  I was worried that it would be too heavy for him. Coleman heard me talking and gallantly insisted on carrying it for his little brother! 
 That little act of kindness MADE MY DAY!  Coleman has sweetly taken extra good care of our new little kindergartner boy. I am lovin'that--it makes up for some of the obnoxious teasing that this cute 9 year olds finds so hilarious:)
 Front porch autumn blooms are getting full!  We are going to add some pumpkins soon:)

 I made this 'Boo' banner this year.  It was really easy and fun to make.  In case you are in need of some Halloween decor, I will show you how I did it tomorrow.

Great finds the day after Halloween at TJ Maxx and Target:)

 I love this little saying.  Isn't true?  Home Is Where our Story Begins
It is such  a good reminder for me.
I want so much to create the beginnings of a beautiful happy story for my boys in this home. 
 Making good memories and traditions that will bring happiness and warmth throughout their lives, especially during those challenging times that we all struggle through at one time or another. 
That is the reason I put so much into every holiday and season
 I hope my children will always enjoy and celebrate life finding joy in the simple things.   

I was just thinking about a dear friend who did not come from a happy home.  Her parents were divorced, unhappy and things were tough--but she has seriously overcome the not so great beginning of her story. Although she can not rewrite the past, she has chosen to let it go and create a happy life for herself and and her family now.  I just thought I would add that thought--I am so inspired with people like that--who choose to be happy no matter what life hands them. 
We always have that choice--what a blessing!


Susan said...

I love your blog!! I love both this one your sisters cafe - in fact just made the pumpkin bars this morning before I left for work so we can frost them and eat them tonight!! I LOVE how much you LOVE your husband and boys! I have 3 sons myself and a wonderful husband! The BEST!!! Anyway - I was just thinking last night that I wanted a banner for Halloween and lo and behold - you are going to show me how to make one tomorrow!! You TOTALLY Rock!!!!

Jan S said...

I loved that post - it is true that our home should be the place that feels secure and happy to our family. I love all the cute little things you put around your house to make the holiday fun for your family. I bet they just love coming home from school and finding the house all decorated. The best thing is that most of your decorations are relatively inexpensive and easy to make. You are such a fun mom!

Brittany said...

Mel all your decorations were wonderful!! I too totally love a good decorated home for the holidays! :) your sentiments about home is where you story begins were great too. I love creating a warm and happy home for my children to grow up in. It is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things in life to provide that for the people you love the most!

Mindy said...

Your decorations are super cute. I want to make that BOO banner. My favorite part of the post was your story about Coleman. Man, I miss that kid! It makes me happy to hear cute stories about how good your boys are. Coleman has so much personality and heart all bundled into one boy. I just love him.

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