Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY: Halloween "BOO" Banner

Here is what you need to create a 'BOO' Halloween Banner:

*Cardboard letters (Purchased for $1.50 each at Craft Store)
*1-2 rolls of Black Tulle (Craft Store $3.00--I used a little more than one)
*Various orange and black ribbon (Craft store from $1-$3 each--they are often on sale for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby)
*A drill (3/4 inch--I think:)
*Glue--I used a glue gun--but forgot to add it to the items for the picture

1.  Drill two holes in each letter, big enough for threading your ribbon through.
2.  Thread your ribbon through the holes.
3.  Using a dap of glue (I used a glue gun) to attach tulle, wrap letters until the are completely black and you can not longer see the cardboard.
4.  Cut pieces of ribbon and tulle and tie onto ends of banner for added decoration.
5.  Hang on mantel or wherever you choose

**FYI the letters are kind of heavy and I did not want to put a big nail in my mantel, so I used these 3M hooks.  I found them at Home Depot for $2.99 and they don't damage the surface!  When you want to remove them you simply pull a tab and they release!  Cool, huh!

See--pretty easy, huh?!
Happy Halloween my friends!

Well I am off to pack!  Next week is fall break, so we are taking the boys to South Carolina for a few days on the beach!  We had so much fun last year at Hilton Head that I think we are making it a fall break tradition!  This year though we are going to Edisto--have you ever heard of it?  We decided to give it a try because we own some weeks each year in a time share and they have a resort there.
I hope it is as great as Hilton Head (I LOVED that place)!  We'll see:)

Hope you all have a happy weekend! 


n82 said...

My goodness, this is so cute! I am going to have to attempt to make one too!

Melissa said...

SO CUTE Melanie!! I love it. You should post this on Pinterest!!

PixieGirl said...

Have fun on your deserve to just run away for a few days and PLAY!

Jan S said...

This is darling - you always post the funnest projects/ideas. Thanks! Have fun on your vacation!

Brittany said...

it's darling sis! I will have to do one of those for next year! I love it!!!!

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