Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sand in our Toes

We are at the beach and LOVIN' it! I think the beach is the perfect vacation for our boys.  They are happy for hours on end with just the sea and sand...oh and some food of course:)  Those boys of mine are always hungry!
 Can't wait to share some fabulous pictures from Edisto Island, SC when I get home--since I forgot my camera cord-darn it!

What a time we have had... including PILES (literaly piles) of shells on the beach, hot tubbing in the pouring rain, an alligator sitting in a puddle right in front of us and breakfast at the delicious Sea Cow Cafe--mmmm:)
Yes it has been an adventure!!

Hope you are having a great week!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

can't wait to see pics! sounds like you guys had a blast!!!!!!

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