Monday, October 10, 2011

Organized Hall Closet and Giveaway

Happy Monday Everyone:)
Did you have a nice weekend? We had a Friday off and I have to say I really love 3 day weekends! Today is the last day for the IHeart Organizing Personalized Family Binder Printable Kit--to enter go here. It will help keep your life in order and family organized!  
 Trust me--it is a great product!
  Here is one of the 30 printables included:

 I meant to post more organizational tips and ideas last week--but I got busy being a Momma--which of course, trumps blogging:)   But, on the last day of the giveaway I thought I would share with you a quick project I tackled awhile back--THE HALL CLOSET.

  I unfortunately forget about this space in the hallway and since the majority of my family is old enough to help with laundry (but obviously can't fold sheets--yikes) , get their own band aids, sunscreen etc, this closet gets trashed very easily. When I opened the door ready to bring some organization to this area, I had to laugh because it was in BAD shape--total chaos in there. I decided I needed to take a 'before' picture' to illustrate to my family the DON"Ts when I am teaching them how to maintain the order:)


I tossed some junk, divided items into bins, used these handy labels again,( laminated and attached with zip ties) and folded sheets.
This closet did not take me long and I am happy to report that it still looks like this 3 weeks later.  I have found that my family will keep things in order when their is organization with everything having a spot and the expectations are clear on upkeep:)
Now go and organize something!  Do it in baby steps, one drawer at a time and pretty soon your whole house will be in order!  And--you will love it:)


Heidi said...

Thank you for sharing your organizing methods. Do you have great ideas for school papers? All of it- the corrected work, the handouts, etc.
Any other paper work ideas would be great too!

Brittany said...

all this organization is inspiring sis! I love organizing too!!!! it looks great - good job!

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