Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Organizing My Spice/ Baking Cupboard

As you can see, I am a BIG fan of little' lazy susan' turn tables!  You can pick them up for around $4-6 at Target or Walmart.  I started out with just two for my spices and then recently decided to use them to organize the rest of my cooking and baking items.  It is so great to be able to quickly and easily locate anything that I need in seconds with just a little spin instead of unloading and rearranging the shelf:)
 A little tip I learned from my Mom is to keep your spices on these little turntables in alphabetical order.  Now this is just a basic thing--all the spices that start with an A, then a B and so on as your spin it around.  It really  saves you so much time to keep them organized like this and it is super easy to keep up.
 I have little baskets for all the season packets (green one) and food coloring/ extracts/flavoring (white one).
 I keep these glass jars on my counter top for the baking items I use all the time--flour, sugar, brown sugar and steel cut oats (for breakfast, not baking:)  These jars are pretty enough to display and were not very expensive at Target.

I also keep big buckets with gamma lids (screw top) on the bottom of my pantry to refill the flour, sugar and the yellow one is wheat for baking fresh bread (my favorite:)  I keep my wheat grinder there too for easy access!

To answer a few of your questions from the 'Organized Pantry' post...
The Ikea jars pictured on the right ( middle shelf ) are from the kitchen dept.  on the label they say IKEA 365+
The blue containers on the left middle shelf are Rubbermaid from Target or Walmart years ago.  They have held up really well and I like how you can easily scoop our of them.  They sell similar ones still.

I hope these ideas help get you started in organizing your kitchen.
It was a little overwhelming to tackle for me--but now that it is done I LOVE it and can't believe I didn't  sooner:) 

I would LOVE to hear any of your tips or tricks for staying organized! 
 Please share--I welcome your ideas!

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kristi lee said...

where did you get the big buckets & lids?

Amy said...

You grind your own wheat, I love that. What kind of grinder do you use? Can you really tell the difference in taste, freshness in your breads using freshly ground wheat vs store bought flour?

Thanks Mel, your kitchen looks great. I'm getting new cabinets installed as we speak, so I'll definitely be organizing everything very soon!

Brooke said...

Everything looks great - my pantry needs some major help. I love the look of the bins and rubbermaid containers, but I've always hestitated to use them because I can't remember directions for cooking the foods without the packaging! Do you just remember the cooking directions or do you store them somewhere after emptying the contents into a container? Thanks for the tips.

PS - I would love ideas for time management. I have 3 kids ages 1,4 & 7 and seem to really struggle to get anything done. If you have any secrets I would be so grateful!

Jessica said...

love it! this might sound weird but i find cleaning and organizing to be therapeutic :) still not sure how you find the time with 5 boys...you most not sleep :)

Marnie said...

I'm loving all your posts on organizing lately. Just wish I had a Target or Walmart to pick up some of these fun containers...Love you!

Jan S said...

OK . . . Your post made me get motivated to organize my kitchen. Thanks! :)

Brittany said...

wow - love it. I have a question. The big bins with the screw tops for refiling flour and sugar... do you fill those yourself from bags or do you buy them that way for food storage?

pantry cabinet said...

I must organize my ketchen tomorrow after read your post. Thanks! :)

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