Sunday, November 6, 2011

My View this Morning

This is the sight I woke up to this morning from my balcony here at the Hyatt in Maui. 
 We arrived late last night for a trip hosted by Shaw( my husbands company).

  This is why I have not been posting as planned the last few days.
It sounds funny, but leaving 5 boys home for a week is A LOT of work!
All the preparations took all my time and I never got to my little blog.

Although I didn't post-- my goal of living with thanksgiving daily has not been forgotten.
I have noticed a BIG difference in my heart and soul as I have consciously noticed and appreciated the simple blessings that surrounded me at home all week.

And today, I am especially grateful for this beautiful pool at our hotel:)
Can't wait to swim--as soon as our lost luggage is located.  Cross your fingers for me!


Jessica said...

Beautiful! Have fun and try not to think about the kids :) We saw Cannon this morning at story time and the park. He was doing great and I think Steven was too. It was sort of cute to see Steven sitting with all the moms in the library :) Hopefully you got your luggage already!

Melanie Anne said...

Thank you Jessica! I did talk with Steven a few minutes ago--It sounds like he is earning every penny of this being Mr Mom job:) I hope he still wants to be a Dad someday after this experience--ha ha! Yes I did get my luggage--Thank heavens!

kaleyq said...

Oh Melanie! ENJOY! We're excited to see you and your family at Christmastime! But for now ... enjoy some "you and Brad" time in beautiful Hawaii! :)

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about how much work it is to leave kids. When Trevor and I went on a trip a while ago I left my mother in law the schedule and my notes, it was like 10 pages long. I titled it "A week in the life of the Allreds, a NOVEL written by Lisa" Hope your having fun!

PixieGirl said...

Hmm, funny how a picture of it is almost as good:) I am quite content to go on with my day after viewing a piece of paradise. Thanks for sharing:)

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