Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Tennessee

Ever since we have moved to Tennessee we have spent Thanksgiving with these dear friends.
(Our sweet hosts with my boys)
We are so grateful that they have kindly pulled us (and the missionaries) into their family on this special holiday each year!

 I can not tell you how much this has meant to me!
As you know, I miss my family A LOT--and holidays like Thanksgiving would feel so lonely all by ourselves!

Thank heavens for sweet friends that treat you like family!
We love you Wolfleys:)

And the best part of the day for me-- getting to snuggle the two newest members of the Wolfley family--sweet little twin boys! 
Seriously holding a newborn is such an amazing experience--heavenly!

It was a Happy Thanksgiving for us!
How was yours?


Seriously... said...

does she have 5 boys too?? i'm pregnant with what i believe is my 5th boy....i'm always amazed at how they come in groups like that :) looks like a wonderful thanksgiving!

Melanie Anne said...

Dear Seriously,
No she actually has 3 daughters who are grown and married now:) those are my 5 boys pictured with them! So you are the MOther of 4 possibly 5 boys!? That is awesome! It is crazy--I agree:) But life with 5 boys is happy! You will have to let me know! xo

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