Friday, December 2, 2011

The First Night of Christmas at our house

We can hardly wait to get our Christmas tree up and quite often we do it on Thanksgiving night or soon after:)

This is the first of many family traditions during the Christmas season.

First Dad gets the tree set up and makes sure all the lights are working--this was quite an ordeal this year, darn it!  The zap gun on TV did not do the trick--argh!  Then I make appetizers and treats, (just like my Mom always did for the tree decorating party), while the boys unwrap and lay out all the ornaments.  There is always lots of excitement as they talk about each of their favorites and laugh at all their homemade ones from years past. I love to hear their happy little conversations, it is probably my favorite part of the whole night:)
Then I have to show great restraint and let them hang everything wherever their hearts desire!  Later on when they are gone I quietly rearrange just a bit for "balance", don't tell:)

Then we get all set up with sleeping bags and Christmas pillow cases for a sleepover under the glowing tree!
And we always watch ELF!!

Because we are big fans of Buddy the Elf around here and his words of holday wisdom get repeated often this time of year:) 

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Brittany said...

that post made me laugh! Prob with that funny quote from Buddy at the end! what a fun fun night! We try to do the same thing (minus sleeping under tree) but I can't wait until my kids are a little older. Gabe did get really excited about the ornaments though. It just looks so fun and cozy and happy in your home, sis. I miss you guys!

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