Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 in Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas this year in Utah at Grammie and Papa's Home.

 Traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Chicken a la King--served in our family for generations on this special night to celebrate Christ the' King'.
 A dear friend gave me this beautiful quilt that day.  Cannon was the first to snuggle up in its cozy warmth.  It is BEAUTIFUL--I still can not believe that it was handmade for us.  What a treasured gift!  I absolutely LOVE it.  Thank you Melanie!  We love you!

We started our special night with Grammie (and Cannon) at the piano:), playing all the beautiful Christmas songs that we love.

My big boys:)

Caroling the night away!

 Time for talents--TJ and the little boys started us out with a rockin' "Jingle Bells' number!

 Juggling from Connor--with Christmas colors!

Coleman showcasing his fabulous handstand skills:)

 I noted that TJ is not too big for Papa's lap yet:)
 Just like every year, my Dad read the account of Christ's birth from the Bible my Grandma got in Jerusalem.  We finished the night with a few of our favorite Christmas stories and the classic movie 'The Christmas Carol'  We love the George C Scott version here.  It is the BEST:)  

 Cannon fell asleep on my lap--what a treat!  At 41/2 that is VERY rare!  I loved it:)
 The boys opened new pajama pants and happily went to bed!  It is the only night of the whole year that my crew RUN to bed.  It may have something to do with these piles of presents just waiting to be opened:)
The Christmas morning line up--youngest to oldest--just like always:)

 It was an ELECTRONIC Christmas this year--perfect for bringing home on the plane. 
Thank you Santa!

 Before unwrapping gifts the older boys fed Grandpa's horses and we all enjoyed an amazing breakfast of traditional "Christmas Eggs" These are eggs baked in cream and they are seriously GOOD, let me tell you! Recipe here. Yum!

Then the gift giving started--and it was FUN:)

 The best part of the day for me was watching all the hugging taking place!
Those happy faces and all the love being shared is pure bliss for this Momma!
It was a happy day--
I hope your Christmas was a Merry one too!


The Dickinsons said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. I just enjoyed reading the old post of yours "13 years ago today". That was a neat way for your husband to propose to you...surrounded by your family! =)

Just enjoyed another recipe from thesisterscafe...for banana squash soup. Delightful!

I hope you are having a good start to 2012. =)


Mindy Halladay said...

Looks like a great time had by all! I love the last pic of your boys! Pure joy on their faces!! Glad you guys had a great time with family!!!

Brittany said...

what a fun Christmas! You guys had grammie and papa all to yourself! Which would be perfect - still sharing the day with loved ones but not too crazy with tons of family there! :) I loved the hugging pics!

Erin said...

So much fun! I loved all the pictures!! Your boys are so cute.

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