Friday, January 13, 2012

Hitting the Slopes

**I am itching to post about resolutions and organization ideas I have started for the New year--but I just have to finish up with all the fun from our trip to Utah first:)

The boys didn't let the complete lack of snow on the ground around town, or the reports that it was the driest December on record for Utah stop them from hitting the slopes for their much anticipated ski days.  
When we moved to Tennessee we left our skis in Grandpa and Grandma's garage with promises of ski trips to Utah.  And we have kept that promise--even this year with not the best (terrible) conditions.
Connor outgrew his skis and TJ wanted to snowboard this year, so a stop for rentals was the first order of business.
 Even though the locals called the snow horrible this year (mostly man made) our boys thoughts it was AWESOME!!  I guess they are officially 'Southerners' now:)

Bridger skied for the first time. 
 I didn't go (since Cannon doesn't ski yet--I stayed with him) but I hear that Bridger was a natural. After a half day of ski school he was off--flying down the mountain, er I mean bunny hill, with no problems:)

 The perfect ending to a warmish and happy day of skiing--Frozen Yogurt with lots of toppings!


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Brittany said...

really fun pictures! I'm so glad the boys had fun skiing, even though the snow was technically great. It's all about attitude anyway, right?!

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