Monday, February 20, 2012

Bird Chirping and Little Boy Wisdom

Last week, I was trying to hurry my littlest man out the door for preschool one morning but he was in no rush as he leisurly strolled to the car in the driveway totally oblivious to my "schedule".  It was an unusually warm winter day and he seemed to be soaking in the bright sunshine, grinning ear to ear. 

 I finally got him in the car and as we pulled out he asked me to please turn off the radio so he could hear the "birds chirping in the trees!" How sweet is that?!
I was feeling a bit discouraged about something that day, but in that moment I felt some joy sink in and crack that hard candy shell  on my heart:). I slowed the car, rolled down all the windows, and we happily listened to the chirping birds together.

  lt was such a gift to have that sweet reminder to enjoy the small and simple beauties that God has so lovingly created.

It brought to my memory a time when Bridger was a toddler and would exclaim in the car "It is a BOOTIFUL day, huh Mommy?"  It always made me laugh and then stop and think--'my gosh he is right, it is a beautiful day!',  feeling a little shocked that I hadn't really noticed myself.  Melted my heart everytime!  How blessed I am to have these little side kicks to help me focus on the good. 
 I had that feeling that I have felt before as a Mother...
 that these children entrusted to our care are really just 
 wise little souls in chubby toddler bodies.

I hope you have a happy week and take the time (depending on your climate:) to

 ... listen to chirping birds,
... or enjoy a beautiful sunset,
... or the soft falling snow
...or the sweet words of a child
and allow the love of God to fill your heart!

In these simple moments you will know that you are LOVED!
Happy Monday!


Natalie Jane said...

So sweet!

By the way, I'm doing an entire bathroom based on this print. I have 4 of her pieces framed on very yellow walls. They are just so happy!

Mindy said...

That was so sweet. Cannon is such a sweetheart. I get so impatient with the slowness of kids, but I told Griff just the other day... you just can't plan to hurry with kids. My day turns out so much better if I allow a little extra time to jump over the lines in the concrete, stop and look at interesting bugs, and listen to the bird chirp! :)

Brittany said...

Cannon is such a sweetheart! I love how kids tend to notice the little details and remind us to stop and enjoy. This post was a sweet reminder...

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