Monday, February 27, 2012


The last few weekends I have...
 worked on projects like a HUGE planet Jupiter sugar cookie with Coleman.
Yum yum!

Cheered TJ on at Basketball games ...and as a sidenote this boy delivered 18 points last game--WOO HOO!!

 Ran errands with these two cool cats--oh yeah! 
 Bridger rediscovered his sunglasses on Saturday while cleaning out his drawers and was very excited about  wearing  them again, and insisted that Brad do the same:)
But most of my time on weekends has been spent at wrestling tournaments for my oldest 3 boys. 
 Wrestling was not my favorite sport, but I am learning to appreciate it. Wrestling is TOUGH and it produces some seriously good things in boys, like an incredibly hard work ethic, physical strength and stamina, mental toughness and lots of self discipline to name a few.  Not bad, huh?
This is Coleman's first year and he is LOVING it.  I forsee many many years of cheering on wrestlers in my future.  See the guy in black hollering?  That is one of his coaches--and he is awesome!  So glad my boys have such great coaches that donate their time and experience to help them be successful!

Connor medaled in both his High School JV tournamants this year--and he shared the glory with his little brother:)  I could not be happier with his efforts.  He never wrestled a day in his life until we moved here.  It was hard to learn and he did not have much success for the first year or so--but he worked so hard never giving up, and it is paying off! 

And TJ medaled FIRST this last weekend in the final Middle School JV regional Tournament! 
 I love that my boys have this to share. TJ was always so happy when Connor was there for his matches.  He really respects his big brother and Connor is so supportive of him--never missed a match unless he was wrestling too! 
I made him pose for a shot with all of his medals:) Two from this year and two from last.
Coleman has regionals left this weekend and that will wrap up wrestling season. 
 I never thought I would say this, but I will miss it!  And what will we do with all our free time now:)


Brittany said...

yay!! congrats to both Connor and TJ! I'm so proud of those guys and how hard they work. I would love to see a wrestling match of theirs one day! Super cute pics of the little boys... and Coleman looked so cool with that awesome cookie! :)

Melissa said...

That Jupiter cookie is awesome!! Ya, I'm pretty sure I'll never be in the wrestling world but congrats to your boys!!! You are raising such wonderful and sweet boys Melanie...just like their mom and dad!

Erin said...

Congratulations TJ and Connor! You guys are awesome! I am truly impressed. And I loved that pic of Coleman wrestling with his coach behind him hollering! Those wrestling matches sound like a lot of fun.
I loved the pic of Bridger and Brad in their cool sunglasses too. Oh, and good job, TJ, for all those basketball points! That is too cool!

Mindy said...

First off, the Jupiter cookie is a masterpiece! Go Coleman and Mel! Secondly, that picture in the sunglasses is awesome! They do look like cool cats. And lastly, I am so proud of my wrestling nephews! Wish I could see them wrestle in real life!

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