Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunny Thoughts

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about sunshine and days spent in the water.

I came across these pictures of a day spent on the lake last summer and I think my heart skipped a beat:)

It made a dreary winter day a little brighter.

We are currently making plans and getting estimates on a swimming pool, new deck and landscaping for the backyard. 
 It is so fun!  We are getting very excited!
All this planning has got me thinking about summer...I am really looking forward to those long hot days when the boys run around bare foot and shirtless in and out of the water all day, with an endless supply of popsicles, alarm clocks are unused and bedtime is much later.

 When life is less scheduled and more relaxed....augh right now that sounds heavenly! 

Although, with summer still several months away,  I have to remind myself...
that I really do enjoy this time of year too.
Winter means ~soft sweaters, baking warm goodness for my family, a cozy fire to read by and especially... that colder weather gives us an excuse to stay home and slow down more often! 

How about you? 
Are you enjoying winter or counting the days to summer?


Melissa said...

All this warmer than normal weather is definitely making me anxious for summer!! That's so exciting that y'all are getting a pool, but I will definitely miss all those summer days spent at the Mtn. Shadows pool with you and your boys. I guess we'll still see each other at swim team.

PixieGirl said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures! You have the cutest boys and the funnest memories with those cute boys:)

Brittany said...

such cute pictures!! What a fun outing! I wish summer was all those things here in Seattle... darn the "cool" summers here! I want heat and sun and popsicles and water! ;) Well I guess we get about a week of heat of year! And of course summer is still wonderful in a cooler climate - we still get to spend most of our time outside. I'm so excited for you guys to get a pool... I will totally be coming to swim in that with you all, haha! :)

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