Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Tradtions: Heart Attack

We have added something new  to our Family Valentine Traditions:

 In the middle of the kitchen table, I put a bowl with a whole bunch of pink and red construction paper hearts ,a couple of bags of Valentine candy and some markers.
 I told my family to enjoy a piece of candy whenever they compose a loving note on one of the hearts.  I also suggested that everyone  could write at least one for each family member.

The boys have loved this...and I am loving the results:)
There are some suprisingly sweet sentiments covering my kitchen cabinets!
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How do you celebrate?

Hope your Valentines Day is sweet!


Jo Jo said...

Wonderful idea! I love it. I will be doing this. My kids love candy, not always available from me, so it will work! Thanks for being so creative. I have six boys...your blog looks wonderful. I'll be back!

Amy said...

Really cool, Melanie. I love that tradition!

Brittany said...

what a wonderfully sneaky way to get the boys to express their feelings! ;) I LOVE it!!! What a great idea. It probably makes everyone feel great to see those notes up... both the giver and receiver. You sure create an amazing home for my nephews! they are lucky boys! :)

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