Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beauty of Spring

Are you enjoying Spring so far?  We are having a glorious season here in Tennessee.  Everything is budding and beautiful!  I love this time of year, not only for the beauty of nature but the equally beautiful symbolism of this time of year.  It fills me with such gratitude for Jesus Christ and His gift of the Resurrection and Atonement.
 Last weekend I enjoyed the Young Women's General Broadcast, did you see it?  I must say my calling to work with the girls ages 12-18 in our congregation is such a treat!  We all agreed that the talks were inspiring and uplifting--and would be for anyone!  I found this sweet printable highlighting some of President Thomas S. Monson's message. 

You can listen, print or watch the talks here
I highly recommend it!
This was like a little appetizer and now I am so very excited for General Conference this weekend.


lori said...

Yes! The perfect appetizer! Can't wait for this weekend!! Hope you and your boys have a great one! (And thank you for your sweet comments every now and then...I'm always grateful to hear from you!)

Brittany said...

I am excited for conference tomorrow too!! I had to miss the yw broadcast but I can't wait to read it online - it sounds very inspiring (or course!!)

The flowering trees are budding here and it is really beautiful! We still have rain every day but once in awhile the sun will come through the clouds and it's beautiful! I love the spring too - there is definitely something very invigorating about it!

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