Friday, March 9, 2012

FRIDAY Hooray!

I get a surge of happiness on Thursday night just thinking that the next day is FRIDAY! Not to say that my weeks are bad, but weekends are special! I LOVE them, especially now that wrestling and basketball are done !  As much as I LOVE watching my boys and their beloved sports --a little break is nice:)

This weekend includes:
*Date with my hubby at Macaroni Grill--yum!
*Big pancake breakfast
*Super cleaning of our home
*Eye exam, errands and lunch date with Bridger
*Pizza and watching American Idol on the DVR with the boys--I am dying to see how they did and who is gone:(
*Church on Sunday (I am giving a talk- yikes!)
*Sunday dinner--I am trying this-it sounds soo good, I can't wait!
*Sunday naps (me and Brad), backyard football(instead of naps), board games and a neighborhood walk around the pond to feed the catfish (Cannon's favorite!)
Hooray for the weekend!


PixieGirl said...

Oh and me both! Weekends are the best! Sounds like you'll have a great one and I wish I could come listen to you talk:) You'll be fabulous!

Brittany said...

yay I agree about weekends - yahoo! Mine are not nearly as busy as yours though! :)

Jan S said...

I agree . . . it's so great to relax with the kids and just enjoy each other. I bet you ARE glad to have a little breather between sports seasons. Your life must be hectic getting all those boys where they need to be! :)

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