Monday, March 12, 2012

Let the Madness Begin

Around here March is a very exciting month! 
 Do you have your brackets filled out yet?  We are filling them out for our family home evening activity tonight.  I think I will serve as our treat Sugar Gems (sugar cookies that you don't roll out and cut) decorated like basketballs...simply orange frosting and sprinkles:) 

Printable 2012 bracket here
Guide with tips and tricks to help pick your brackets here

Speaking of Championships ~ Did I mention that TJ's team were Champions of their youth league this year?!  It was awesome, please excuse the not so awesome Iphone shot:)
Have a great Monday and good luck with your brackets!


Erin said...

We filled out brackets for Family Home Evening on Monday night, too. Ben and Eliza, the dedicated fans that they are, have BYU going for the GOLD! :) It was fun to fill out their brackets with them - completely random with who wins and who loses on their brackets. :)

Brittany said...

oh boy we are so lame...I completely forgot about march madness since Eric doesn't get into bb at all! That is fun that you guys get so excited about it though! and GO TJ - WOOOOHOOOOO! :)

Jan S said...

Way to go TJ!!!! We are so proud of you and glad you had a great season - cool picture, you handsome man!!
Lots of love to you.

Mindy said...

Go TJ!!!!! I wish we could have gone. I was just telling Griff yesterday that I have really missed getting to see the boys play since you moved. So glad Tanner rocked it!

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