Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bring on the Sunshine

It is going to be a Sunny 80 degrees here in Tennessee!
My boys were thrilled to pull their shorts out of storage a few weeks sooner than usual!

Even the tulips are making an early debut this Spring.

Speaking of sunshine, I spotted this adorable print on Pintrest and I couldn't agree more with the sentiment.  

  We all know people like that. They seem to brighten things up wherever they go with a smile and optimistic attitude. I sometimes remind my boys (and often myself) "Happiness is a choice--Choose it!" I believe that 'bringing your own sunshine' is a very valuable skill and life gives us all lots of opportunities for practice:) 

  Congrats to the Cougars for their big win  last night against all odds--Recording the biggest comeback in tournament history, BYU beat Iona 78-72 after giving up 55 first-half points to the nation’s highest-scoring team!! It was too late for us to watch it on a school night but there was some serious cheering at breakfast this morning!!  Wooo hoooo!!!!   


Brittany said...

what a fun and uplifting post! I so wish I could share some of your sunshine... I was moping around commiserating about all the rain, rain, rain here but reading your sentiments now I am determined to bring my own sunshine!! ;) The boys looked happy about being in shorts and about the cougars! go byu!! :)

Jan S said...

80 degrees and tulips! I am jealous. Loved the picture of those cute boys. I watched BYU in the second game - YIKES! :(

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